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Sunday, October 31, 2010

He's Here!

We brought him home yesterday. He is wonderful. Only one change. His name. We got him home and Atticus just wasn't working for us. Meet.....

♥ Milo Finnegan Augustus ♥

Yes, he has 3 names. That's what happens when 11 people have to agree on 1 name.

We'll just be calling him Milo.

Right now, he is 7.5 weeks old. He weighs 20#11oz.

He had a wonderful first day/night. No accidents, he actually goes to the door and tries to ring his bell to go out. He slept from Midnight to 7am in his crate without an accident or crying. He is so so good with the babies. He does try to play with them or lick them but he doesn't get crazy with them. Rosalie loves him and tries to play with him. Gwendolen loves him from afar and Emilia is just downright scared of him. If a baby cries when he comes near them, he just turns and walks away. He is THE PERFECT PUPPY. Annabel and Delilah are in love and play with him constantly. As for the other kids, it pretty much goes without saying that they all love him. He sleeps in his crate in the boys room so they can help with him at night. Madeline and Juliette love to just snuggle with him.

And Aaron? Yes, Aaron loves him a ton. Milo was outside with him all morning 'helping' with yard work. Milo follows Aaron around like a baby duck.

It's beyond cute. He is beyond cute.

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  1. ADORABLE! We'd love to come meet him when he's settled in!