"How Can You Have Too Many Children? That's Like Saying You Have Too Many Flowers" ~ Mother Teresa

A Peek Into Our Hectic, Crazy & Loving Family of Eleven


Monday, July 19, 2010

Introducing Alice (as in Wonderland)

We have a new family member. Her name is Alice. And we all love her. Well, all but Aaron and Annabel. Aaron is a tad weirded out by her and Annabel just likes to watch her. I think she likes her but is a bit frightened of her. I hope she warms up soon.

She is named for Alice in Wonderland, Annie's idea. We all think it's perfect.

She is just awesome. So funny. So active and super playful. She's amazingly smart. Kind of like a cross between a puppy and a kitten. She will 'fetch' her toys. She loves socks, so if you come to our house wearing socks, beware, she will attempt to remove them from your feet while you are wearing them. She gives kisses. No joke. If you hold her up to your face and say 'nose kisses', she will lick your nose. So.freakin.cute. And she giggles. Or at least, that's what it sounds like. Ferret giggles. It's hilarious. She giggles when she's excited while she jumps up and down on all 4's kind of like Tigger.

This was the best 'whim' decision ever.

Lilah thinks she is the funniest thing ever.

Joseph thinks she is awesome.

Noah says she's 'cool'

Juliette is thrilled

Madeline is in love.

I think she's pretty sweet too.

And the fine print.

No, she does not bite. At all. She was trained early on not to. And trained well. She is litterbox trained. She does have a smell, but it's not icky, just different. She is spayed. We do plan to keep her away from the babies for awhile just to be sure she can be trusted 100%. She's 7 months old. She sleeps in a cage on a hammock. THAT is cute. And she is not a rodent, she is a mammal.

Cute huh?

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


am I. So very insanely blessed. And sometimes, ok alot of times, I get so wrapped up in the stresses of the day to day that I forget how truly amazing and wonderful my life is. It is so easy, lately, to let the negative creep up on me. And it doesn't even creep up. It full out body slams me most days. Then, it takes just one little comment from a friend to make me sit back and realize how truly blessed I am. Today I posted some pictures of the babies on my Facebook. A friend commented on one of my pictures. She said

'Holy cuteness!!! Your the luckiest lady on earth to have triple the baby smiles :-)'

'triple the baby smiles'.

I AM lucky.

I have triple the smiles. Triple the laughter. Triple the sweet intoxicating baby smell. Triple the baby feet. Triple the beautiful blue eyes. Triple the pudgie little baby hands. Triple the strawberry blowing on bellies. Triple the cute little button noses. Triple the sighs. Triple the little baby noises they make in their sleep. Triple the little cloth diapered bums. Triple the joy of watching a baby grow and learn and discover. Triple the kisses. Triple the hugs.

and it doesn't stop there.

I have 6 more amazing blessings.
6 more reasons to smile and laugh and be happy.

I have a daughter that is an amazing adult. A good good kid. Smart and kind. Funny and beautiful. Everything I ever wanted her to be, she is.

I have a son who makes me smile everytime I see him. He is handsome and clever. His personality is just so relaxed it's intoxicating. He makes me calm.

I have a son who makes me laugh. He is smart and talented and the kindest of souls. He is giving and helpful. A sweet and empathetic child.

I have a daughter who is becoming as beautiful as she is wonderful. A sweet sweet girl who I cannot imagine our life without. Her name suits her personality to the core, and defines the statement that you can't judge a book by it's cover.

I have a daughter who is the light of my life. She is funny and kind. A perfect combination of all our kids wrapped into one. I see everyone in her and watching her grow is full of surprises.

I have a daughter who is precocious and mischievous. She loves life and everyone she sees. She is unexpectedly shy and her laugh is infectious.

So, you see, I AM BLESSED. Many times over.

It's as if I've won the lottery of life. Like that game. Life. I used to play it when I was younger. My favorite part of the whole game was filling the car with the little blue and pink pegs. The babies. And if I landed on the 'you just had twins' spot? That was the BEST.DAY.EVER.
So, as hard as it is every day, as much as I cry and struggle, I just have to step back, take a minute and observe my life as if a stranger would happen upon us.
I am the luckiest lady on earth.
Someone must really think I'm pretty special to grant me this life. And I promise to try so much harder, to not take advantage of this gift.
These 9 blessings are the reason I was created.
They are my life.
They are my world.
They are my love.

Friday, July 9, 2010

*Happy Birthday Juliette*

But of course. Late again. I do believe late should be my new name :/.

Happy Birthday Juliette. You grew up waaaayyyy too fast. My baby monkey girl :)

Eleven whole years old. Way too close to being a real teenager.

Thank you for being my little girl. And for being so awesome. I love you so much. Happy Birthday.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

A 7 Month Photo Shoot


These girls are getting so very big!

What are they doing these days?

Gwendolen is rolling everywhere. Emilia has rolled over once, but she didn't seem to like it so hasn't done it again. Rosalie is content to just lay around and observe.

We started them on foods here and there. They love to eat. Rosalie gets so excited when she even sees a spoon that she kicks and talks, loudly. Gwendolen gets mad if the food isn't shoveled in every second, and Emilia patiently waits her turn. As usual.

The sleeping thing is going 'ok'. Gwendolen totally gets it and actually reaches for her crib if she's tired. Emilia does good about 70% of the time. Rosalie is still struggling. If she cries for too long, I go get her. It's been 8 days now so I think Rosalie needs a different method. The good news? They are MUCH happier babies. Much. They now have consistent awake and play times. They are more content because they aren't so tired. Rosalies' temperament is such that if she is overtired, she will just cuddle and fall asleep. Nothing like the grumpy Miss Gwendolen when she is tired. And it has gotten me time with my other kids. I get to read to the toddlers and tuck them in at night. And I feel like a much better mommy. Was it worth it? Not sure yet. I'm still weighing that one on my guilty conscience.

I'll be back with updates on the rest of the gang in a few days :)