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Sunday, July 1, 2012

A Very Important, Missed Anniversary.

June 21st. The Summer Solstice. The beginning of a new....

.letting go

Everyone will have different story in how the first day/week/month and even year of the season came and went. Some won't remember, some will celebrate, some finally become. 

This was the day, for me, that marks the 2 year anniversary of my dreadlock journey. 

It came and went and I forgot. That is not a bad thing. It means that my journey is proving successful. 

Here's a few postings that I've done along my journey. There isn't alot but enough for you to get the idea. I intended to blog my journey much more thoroughly, but when embarking on it, within the first few months, so much of what I was discovering, and finding and embracing was just too personal at that time for me to feel comfortable sharing. Yet. Someday, maybe. 

Becoming.  This is the dread blog that I started but just never kept up. It almost seemed redundant because I was posting here as well. Maybe I will start it again one day. 

The few things I can share that I've become.....

.More patient

And my biggest one so far. Being less obsessive about things being orderly at all times. This one was huge to me. It was a trait that I didn't like in myself at all. It was added stress for me and my entire family. I knew it would be much healthier for me to try to work past that need than to keep up with things all the time. It was the right choice. There are times where I have to force myself to not constantly pick up the house all the time, but it is getting much easier. My kids clothing doesn't always have to match. They pick for themselves. We go full days without getting dressed at all. Dishes can sit in the sink for a few hours. I've learned that I don't have to impress anyone. Only myself. And that goes so much deeper than just a clean house and perfect kids. It's a true reflection of who I've BECOME. And I love me. 

In a sense, for me, dreadlocks were the best thing that I've ever done for myself. 

They are so much more than just a hairstyle. They become a part of you, not only physically but emotionally. As they form, so does your soul, IF you completely free your mind as you go. Another lesson learned. Two years in and my dreadlocks of a very important part of Me. They are here to stay. 

I have a message to the very few people who do know my complete journey so far.

Thank you always for your love and support. I love you all.