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Friday, June 11, 2010


June 8th, 2010.

Well, after YEARS of talking about them, wanting them, being insanely jealous everytime I saw someone with them, I finally did it. I went out and got me some dreadlocks. Yes, it is my own hair. These are not 'fake dreads'

I was going to DIY, but I don't really have 'spare time' so I found a salon in Portland that dreads your hair. In under 2 hours! She does it really tight. Basically, when you get salon dreads, the process is almost backwards. Think perm. At first it's really tight then relaxes. Same idea. She puts them in with the ratting/crochet hook method, no wax. They are tight. They do start to loosen, but hopefully not too much. I got them Tuesday. I'm supposed to wait a week to wash them, so they can stay tight as long as possible, but I will probably wash them on Sunday since we have Madeline's Graduation Party that day.

And can I just say, that I have found hair nirvana. Never did I think that I would love my dreadlocks this much. Anyone with dreads will tell you 'Dreadlocks are not so much a hairstyle, but a journey. A deeper look into who you are'.

So true.

I'm only on day 4 of having them and already, I'm more relaxed. I cannot believe that my hair and how it looked/was styled/colored consumed so much of my time and thoughts each day. (I know, stupid, but what can I say?) And if it didn't look 'good' , I didn't feel good about ME. Letting go of my constant hair consuming thoughts has been so helpful in alleviating some of this every day stress that I just can't seem to get ahead of.
Dreadlocks are my Prozac.
I feel beautiful.
Pretty good substitute, I would say.

If I feel this good, just 4 days in, I can't wait to see how I feel next week, or a month from now.

I can't really describe how or why such a simple thing as dreadlocks has made me feel so different. Maybe it's a mental thing, maybe not. All I know is how utterly freeing it is.


freed, free·ing, frees
1. To set at liberty; make free: freed the slaves; free the imagination.
2. To relieve of a burden, obligation, or restraint: a people who were at last freed from fear.

Yep. I'd say that is the word I'm looking for.

I would like to clear up some common myths about dreadlocks. Specifically for my family, that is more than likely to look at me Sunday and say 'Ewwwwwww'. Which, by the way, is not nice. Can I just say this is a good time to implement the phrase that your momma taught you 'If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all'


* All dreadlocks are dirty.

Dreadlocks are only dirty if you don't take care of them and wash them. Not washing dreadlocks is the best way to ruin dreadlocks. You should wash your dreadlocks at least once a week.

* You can't wash dreadlocks.

Not washing dreadlocks is the best way to ruin dreadlocks. You should wash your dreadlocks at least once a week.

* Anyone with dreadlocks is dirty.

Not true!! Dreadlocks need to be washed at least once a week.

* Not combing your hair is the only way/best way to make dreadlocks.

There ARE other ways

* Backcombing is not natural.

Backcombing is just about the most natural way to make dreadlocks. Well, except for the neglect method.

* Only black people can have dreadlocks.

Obviously the person who told you this has never see anyone who is Asian, Indian, or Caucasian with dreadlocks. Dreadlocks actually look very nice on Asian, Indian, and Caucasian. Many people believe that dreadlocks actually were first wore by the Asian Indians that crossed over from Asia and Europe to Alaska and Canada. Dreadlocks were also wore during Biblical times by John the Baptist and Samson. Dreadlocks were also worn in the 1400-1500's by Asian Emperor's.

* Nice dreadlocks are high maintenance.

Most dreadlocks are not high maintenance. The only kinds of dreadlocks that are high maintenance are dreadlocks made from dread perms. Dreadlocks made with the backcombing, twist and rip, twist and pin, neglect, and brush rubbing methods are not high maintenance at all.

* The neglect method is the only way to make natural dreadlocks.

Not true at all. There are many other methods that are natural, such as Backcombing, Twist and Rip, Twist and Pin, Twisting, Dread Braiding, and Brush Rubbing.

* Dreadlocks damage your scalp.

Dreadlocks do not damage your scalp. In fact your scalp never even knows you have dreadlocks, because the hair starts to dread about an inch away from the scalp.

* You have to shave your head when you don't want dreadlocks anymore.

False statement. You don't even have to cut your hair when you want to take the dreadlocks out. Here are the ways to take dreadlocks out:

* Dreadlocks are for rastas only.

It is a common misconseption that dreadlocks were started by Rastas and only Rastas should wear them. It is common knowledge that cavemen wore dreadlocks, not for spiritual reasons, not for fashion, just for the fact that the comb wasn't invented yet. It is ok for you to wear dreadlocks if you are wearing them for fashion, and it is ok for you to wear dreadlocks if you are doing it for spiritual reasons.


  1. Love it! I have seen some very nicely done dreadlocks, but can't imagine them ever working well on me. My hair is stick strait, and won't even hold a curl.

  2. Your hair looks absolutely awesome! I have debated dreadlocks for years they look super cool and not having to think about hair makes for a lot more time for fun!

  3. I appreciate the fact that you love dreads and that you want to sport them but you are promoting unhealthy dread locks.

    Crochet needles is a sure bet way to ruin any chances of having great, strong and healthy dreads.

    It causes the hairs within the dreads to shatter and that leads to dreads that snap off.

    Dreads are not supposed to be tight or stiff.
    Check out http://www.dreadlockssite.com/#axzz0qaVt3rgj for the real deal on dreads.

    Salons want to make money off of you and this is one big salon scam that wrecks dreads.

  4. why would you make a low maintenance style into a high maintenance one that needs constant repair forever? do you realize how many crochet dreads get cut to start over naturally?

  5. Well I think they look great one you! With 9 children to care for daily, what a great thing to not have to worry about......Your hair. As a stay home mom, we still gotta feel good about ourselves!! I see again a little negativity =( Do what makes you feel good, not what others think!!



  8. So much for your non-controversial blogpost, Nicole, lol.

    I think you look beautiful!

  9. u realize you just copied and pasted lies off dreadheadhq dont u my natural dreads formed in 2 weeks and the opposites true most backcombed dreads start over naturally only natural dreads last as long as mine (20 years) backcomb average 3 years

    stop spreading lies

  10. Why is information negative?

    Truth is light.

    It's power.

    Misconception and lies are negative.

    No one is calling anyone names or saying she shouldn't have dreads, just that crocheting them is very unhealthy, hands down and a person who has them should know what to expect in the long run from a source that isn't looking for money but to promote healthy happy dreads.

    Just reconsider before you kill your hair.

    My advice never ever go back to that salon next thing you know she'll be root flipping too and instead of breaking mid way they will drop off at the root!

    Lies circulate and thats negativity.

  11. by crocheting your just making work for yourself 7 years from now u can still be fixing them 16 hours a week every week and week by week they get weaker and weaker

    we are only trying to help

    btw your work cannot stop u from having dreads unless you let them stop you..its your right to guaranteed by the constitution.

  12. The very best lesson I have learned in life, I learned from my mother, and was posted in this blog: If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all.

    and also, this one:

    Just because you have an opinion doesn't mean you have to say it.

    Your dreads look amazing Nicole!! :) I wish I could have them at work, it could add to my list of natural antidepressants, haha :)

  13. Oh, and I didn't know the constitution had an amendment about hair styles :)

  14. Irissoaringeagle and Islandmamma. Thank you for your opinionsand information. But, I didn't copy and paste from Dreadhead HQ, rather I googled and found bits and pices of info that I found to be truths. If it's the same info that DreadheadHQ has, so be it. As for 'spreading lies'. Um. Ok. I would hope that someone choosing to get dreadlocks would research alot farther than my lil' ol' blog :) Seems no matter what subject I post about lately someone feels the need to rain on my parade. I'm really feeling the love lately.

  15. She was sold lies,thats nit nice, lies that cause hair to fall out of your head and is now *publicly* promoting those very lies, thats not nice!

    Guess it would be nicer for me to pat her on the back and keep quite about dropping and snapping dreads and when they break she'll be devastated.

    I love dread locks, they are beautiful and I wish more people had them.

    I want to promote healthy dreads so people can love them and wear them for years thats why saying something is so important.

    Dreads are a journey and a life style even if you don't believe it or if you only chose it for a hair style you will soon find out for yourself as a dready.

    Dreads are about many things and most importantly they are about truth, patience and natural ease.

    Healthy dreads are nice, dry brittle dreads that break off are not nice.

    Enjoy your journey.

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  17. I agree that maintaining dreads with the crochet hook are not healthy. Just getting them started that way and keeping them healthy is ok. That is my plan. I would appreciate any tips anyone that has dread experience could give me. Island mamma, I do thank you for your information. I would love to hear what else you know. I think that some people just took your tone wrong. If you can have tone online. lol. And perhaps your missing the most important part of my post. I FEEL GOOD. I AM HAPPY. I feel beautiful. I do hope that you are wrong and that my dreads remain healthy. Do you have dreads? Pics? :)

  18. "I FEEL GOOD. I AM HAPPY. I feel beautiful. I do hope that you are wrong and that my dreads remain healthy"

    Thats whats so amazing and empowering about dreads!

    I hope your hair will be okay too and it probably will if you don't keep getting them hooked.

    Dreads go through so many stages, even ones that you put in, they loop and ravel and unravel and fuzz before they become mature, like babies, teens and then adults.

    The whole process is a learning period and a period of adjustment, learning about the hair and yourself, thats why dreads are crazy cool.

    Take a look at that website I mentioned theres thousands of AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL dread lock pictures from the members that will inspire you.

    Theres discussions to and information about washing and maintenance. Great spot to poke around.

    Thanks for not writing me off right away, I am only trying to help a fellow dread out!
    IKWYM about tone, too many variables missing to judge what tone someone is using online (if they aren't swearing or text shouting ;)

    SE's 20 year dreads are LONG! (you'll see pics in the site)

  19. Ok, Island mamma..I did some more reasearch and from what I saw, continuing to maintain a 'perfect dreadlock' look with a crochet hook is bad news. I dont want a perfect look. I just needed a start :) I have one and now I just need to let my hair do it's thing. :)

  20. Yep. I feel so silly saying that I already feel Ive learned something in a mere 4 days but I really have. They feel magical. :) Is that even possible? lol. I will look at that site as soon as I can. I cant wait to continue on this journey. And I will def not be getting crochet again. I want them to be as natural as possible from here on out. Like I said, I just needed a start :) Thank you again for all your great info!!!

  21. YES they are magical! Some people say they are your roots, they connect you to yourself and life, to mother earth. Like tree roots. :)

  22. LOL Didn't know dreadlocks could spark this much debate. Your hair, do what you want as long as what you want isnt something that can hurt others... such as cultivating a large colony of lice so you always have friends wherever you go... :) Other than that, enjoy! :)