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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Thinking Outloud

79 followers! Wow. I never imagined, when I started this blog, that I would get so many people reading about my life. I always thought my life was fairly boring and monotonous.

I also didn't realize when I started my 'series' that I would touch upon so many emotions and feelings, although I suppose I should've thought that when it comes to parenting, the Mama Bear in all of us shines through!

I said in the beginning, that these were all MY thought, MY experiences and MY feelings. And they are just that.

Never do I intend to hurt someones feelings, make them feel bad about a loving choice they made when it comes to their child or make someone feel inferior. NEVER. My apologies if any of you ever felt this way while reading my blog.

I also never intended my blog to be a parenting resource. lol.

I am so happy that so many parents are finding my information helpful and useful and inspiring.

I had thoughts of making my blog private. Or to make it so that I had to 'approve' the comments. But then I thought "What good is that" ? It may shelter my feelings, but then the readers who do read through the comments aren't seeing another point of view, another opinion.

And to be truly educated and informed on the choices you make, you do need as much information as possible. The links I provide is how I, myself came to a certain conclusion. It is your right to find more, better, and perhaps refutable information. Share it!

And while I do only give, perhaps one sided opinions and information, it is because that is how I'm choosing to write.

I don't have a degree in anything that makes me an expert. All I have is the experience of parenting 9 of the most amazing kids I ever could have asked for. And I love sharing my experiences, my thoughts, my successes, my failures and my love for having, what I would consider, to be the best 'job' I ever could have asked for. I also believe how I parent is the best way. Don't we all feel the choices we make are the best?

Parenting is not a black and white issue. I realize that my posts make it seem that way. My posts are about my decisions and the links are about why I choose that decision.

Please take what I say with a grain of salt. Apply it to your life. If you so wish. Use what you want, dismiss what you find crazy. And I am sure that there is some crazy in here. I mean, 9 kids right?

Continue to leave all your awesome comments because those too, are not only helpful to me, but to others who read them. If you disagree with me, tell why. That is so helpful. If you made a choice that you now regret, tell why. We will all learn from it.

But can we all play nice? No name calling and no defensiveness. Please? :) You have a right to your opinion and I to mine. My kids read my blog. So does my family. Speak your mind respectively in your comments. As do I in my posts.

Thank you everyone. I'm having so much fun blogging!

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  1. ((hugs)) Great post!! Love the change of heart and love you too.