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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Back On Track....*Babywearing*


It always cracks me up, as I'm wearing one of my babies, when people say 'Wow! That is so cool! The things they come up with for babies now-a-days. I wish they had those when my babies were little'.

Um, they did. 'Babywearing' has been around for ages. I guess it's just much more mainstreamed now. You see it more and more. From Bjorns to wraps to Ergo's.
I would like to make a note that Bjorns and the like aren't good for a babys' spinal development. I'll post a link at the bottom the explains it better than I can.

It's not only good for your baby's development, it makes life so much easier. Especially if you have other children to care for.

I dabbled briefly into babywearing with my 1st son, Joseph. But, as I said in a previous post, I bought a Moby, didn't get it on quite right and he almost fell out. I never wore him again.

The next baby to be worn was Annabel. She REQUIRED it. Her temperament actually had me out searching for something to put her in besides my arms when she was just days old.

I came across a Kangaroo Korner Adjustable Fleece Pouch. Saved.my.life. Annabel LIVED in that thing. I actually slept with her in it a few times, propped up on my bed. She needed to be worn. My family wasn't too keen on the idea since that meant they didn't get to hold her as much, but it was literally the only thing that kept her happy. Being worn and being nursed. Closeness.

The KKAFP opened up a whole new world for me. I found an awesome website, The BabyWearer. From there I discovered Wraps, Mei Tais, Soft Structured Carriers, Pouches and Ringslings. A whole world of ways to carry your babies. I was addicted. The website has a For Sale Or Trade section. I had carriers coming in the mail DAILY. I had to try them all. I have a bad back so it was hard to find ones that worked well for me. But I did. And my babies were worn. LIFE MADE SIMPLER. No fussy babies and 2 free hands. I even got to the point where I could nurse hands free. AWESOMENESS.
Now, wearing triplets? I tried. I got them all on but it wasn't very comfortable. This is one area where they get one-on-one. :)
**Please be aware that babywearing has been in the news lately due to infants suffocating in certain brands of carriers. Just like carseats, a babys' position is very crucial. Take lots of time to learn about your carrier. Practice it.


  1. I loved my backpack for older babies. I had a Bjorn, but never liked it. Most of the time, I found it more convenient to just carry them on my hip. Of course, none of my babies ever needed or wanted constant holding. Half of them couldn't stand to be swaddled.

  2. Thank you for introducing me to real baby wearing. I have tried my share of the Bjorn type carriers but mostly just held my babies and tried to get stuff done with the other hand. I still use my mei tai carrier several times a week. BEST investment I have ever made!

  3. Like you I tried the Moby and just couldn't get it with my daughter. I have now found a lady in my area that hold baby wearing seminars through the local AP Group. I am hoping to work with her on learning how to wear the triplets when they are born. I would love to know what you are using for yours right now. I also have tons of back problems, lol.