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Sunday, July 4, 2010

A 7 Month Photo Shoot


These girls are getting so very big!

What are they doing these days?

Gwendolen is rolling everywhere. Emilia has rolled over once, but she didn't seem to like it so hasn't done it again. Rosalie is content to just lay around and observe.

We started them on foods here and there. They love to eat. Rosalie gets so excited when she even sees a spoon that she kicks and talks, loudly. Gwendolen gets mad if the food isn't shoveled in every second, and Emilia patiently waits her turn. As usual.

The sleeping thing is going 'ok'. Gwendolen totally gets it and actually reaches for her crib if she's tired. Emilia does good about 70% of the time. Rosalie is still struggling. If she cries for too long, I go get her. It's been 8 days now so I think Rosalie needs a different method. The good news? They are MUCH happier babies. Much. They now have consistent awake and play times. They are more content because they aren't so tired. Rosalies' temperament is such that if she is overtired, she will just cuddle and fall asleep. Nothing like the grumpy Miss Gwendolen when she is tired. And it has gotten me time with my other kids. I get to read to the toddlers and tuck them in at night. And I feel like a much better mommy. Was it worth it? Not sure yet. I'm still weighing that one on my guilty conscience.

I'll be back with updates on the rest of the gang in a few days :)


  1. Glad to hear the girls are sleeping better! It's so funny how three little girls can grow together in the womb, spend just about every moment of life together, but still have such different little personalities. :-)

  2. I know. It's sure puts the Nature vs. Nurture theory to test. lol

  3. Are those Amber teething necklaces? Just curious. Love the new pics!

  4. I am not sure which triplet is which, but are 2 of them identical? The middle and last set of pictures make them look very much alike.

    Love reading your blog!

  5. The top is Gwendolen, then Emilia, then Rosalie. :)I dont think any are identical but we dont know for sure (no testing yet). And yes, they are Amber teething necklaces. I love them!!

  6. I have to get me one for each of my girls :)

  7. Forgot to ask where you got them. Thanks!

  8. Just from the pictures I have seen, in my non-professional opinion, I think Emilia and Rosalie are identical ;)

  9. Good pictures of the girls! Love Mia's old soul look. And is Rosie sitting up? Then there is my Gwenny...sweet sweet Gwenny!