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Monday, July 19, 2010

Introducing Alice (as in Wonderland)

We have a new family member. Her name is Alice. And we all love her. Well, all but Aaron and Annabel. Aaron is a tad weirded out by her and Annabel just likes to watch her. I think she likes her but is a bit frightened of her. I hope she warms up soon.

She is named for Alice in Wonderland, Annie's idea. We all think it's perfect.

She is just awesome. So funny. So active and super playful. She's amazingly smart. Kind of like a cross between a puppy and a kitten. She will 'fetch' her toys. She loves socks, so if you come to our house wearing socks, beware, she will attempt to remove them from your feet while you are wearing them. She gives kisses. No joke. If you hold her up to your face and say 'nose kisses', she will lick your nose. So.freakin.cute. And she giggles. Or at least, that's what it sounds like. Ferret giggles. It's hilarious. She giggles when she's excited while she jumps up and down on all 4's kind of like Tigger.

This was the best 'whim' decision ever.

Lilah thinks she is the funniest thing ever.

Joseph thinks she is awesome.

Noah says she's 'cool'

Juliette is thrilled

Madeline is in love.

I think she's pretty sweet too.

And the fine print.

No, she does not bite. At all. She was trained early on not to. And trained well. She is litterbox trained. She does have a smell, but it's not icky, just different. She is spayed. We do plan to keep her away from the babies for awhile just to be sure she can be trusted 100%. She's 7 months old. She sleeps in a cage on a hammock. THAT is cute. And she is not a rodent, she is a mammal.

Cute huh?


  1. My Lord, you're my hero. All the kids and pets too??? I can't handle my one baby...

  2. lol. We have 2 cats, a dog and now a ferret. I kinda have a thing for animals. My kids love them too. I can't imagine NOT having a few pets :)

  3. oh wow! I have always wanted a ferret- so guttered when they became illegal to have as pets where I am!

    I saw a documentary on them once and they look so cool! They get really attached to their owners too :-)

  4. Very very cute. Ferrets are wonderful pets. Though, I have to point out that you're getting scientific "class" and "order" confused. Rodent is an order of animal that falls in the scientific class mammalia. So rodents are mammals. Ferrets are in the order Carnivora and family Mustelidae.

    I don't expect anyone to memorize the nuances of the Linnaean system, so please don't take offense. I just like to make sure people have the correct information about animals.

  5. Hi Nicole, I heard of your blog through Angela F. I admire your efforts to exclusively breastfeed your triplets. I have the same goal and would love to pick your brain for advice. Let me know, if it's not too much trouble.

    BTW your girls are adorable!

    Janet Pittsenbarger (25 weeks preg. with id trip boys in pdx)