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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Thrift Store Shopping

I am an admitted 'deal seeker'. I always have been. Even before we had 9 kids, I always looked for the sales, coupons and specials. Aaron loves it but our views of the justification is a bit different. See, I figure, if I find it for half price, then I can buy 2. Aaron doesn't agree. He thinks if you find it at half price, then you saved half and it's more money for something else. We tend to agree to disagree on this one.

My favorite stores are usually consignment stores. These are stores that take in quality used (and new) clothing in exchange for a percentage of their sales in cash or store credit. I get most of the younger kids clothing at a local consignment store called Denim & Frills. I get name brand, gently used clothes for about 70% less than new. It's my treasure hunting.

My latest score at Denim & Frills was a pair of Uggs for the babies. I had 2 pair of these Uggs, but of course needed a 3rd. Found them! For $14.99. Retail price? $119.00. Just like winning the lottery for me.

Last night, I went to the Goodwill Outlet for the first time. I didn't have high hopes as I walked in and saw bins of clothing just randomly tossed in. I usually don't like to 'dig'. But, since I was there, and I saw that the clothing was sold BY THE POUND, I decided to do just that. DIG IN. And I was IN HEAVEN.

So, clothes aren't super heavy. Which means $1.59 per pound is a pretty good deal. A VERY good deal. My take in the 45 minutes that I had before they closed? (Next time I will allow ALOT more time. Plus, I have a baby scale at home so I weighed a few things just to get an idea of how much each item was)

Mens REI shirt for Aaron..$.89
Columbia Sportswear shirt for Aaron...$1.34
Tommy Hilfiger polo for Aaron...$1.98
Columbia sportswear coat for Juliette...$1.02
Naartjie outfit for Delilah...$.81
4 pairs of Carters PJ's for the babies...$1.40 TOTAL
Old Navy Henley for Joey...$1.23
Mossimo wool sweater for me...$2.02
Fleece GAP pants for Delilah...$.42
Cordurouy coat for Madeline...$2.45
Disney store PJ pants for Juliette...$.60

All of it stain and hole free!! Aaron was super impressed. He even wore the REI shirt to work today, it's THAT nice. (Of course I washed everything last night)

And that is just a FEW things. I got 17 pounds of clothes for $23.00!!! Do you know how much 17 pounds of clothing is? Considering the heaviest item was the cord coat and it weighed just 1#6oz, it's alot. Trust me.

Looks like I found a new shopping place :)


  1. My mom and I are going to go to the one out by me, and a few local consignment stores, before we head out to any of the big stores for our baby shopping. Bonus for me: No tax! :)

  2. Yes, isn't that place awesome! When I go to thrift stores I go with something in mind to buy but when I go to the bins I go for the thrill of the hunt. I always find great stuff : )


  3. You are a girl after my own heart! I LOVE bargain hunting. It is a sport for me. It is my hobby.
    btw, I love reading about your amazing family!