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Friday, January 28, 2011

*Happy 3rd Birthday Delilah*

My how you've grown! Such a beautiful, sweet little girl. A loving big sister and the happiest little sister. You make our family so special.

Lilah loved being snuggled. 8 days old being worn in a Moby wrap.
Lilah at 4 months
Lilah at 10 months

Lilah at 13 months
Lilah at 18 months
Lilah tonight. Soooooo excited to be THREE!


  1. The 4 month picture reminds me of Gwena!

  2. Thats what Tiff and I were saying. Shes like half Gwena and half Emilia. lol.

  3. Happy birthday Lilah! I'm like, wasn't she 3 this whole time? You get the award for all those little girlies close in age!

    I was on the floor today going thru some clothes and found the great CP longsleeve Ts that you love. Have 3 of them with some coordinating pieces for your girlies. I'll try to call this weekend and set up a playdate. Sorry it's been so long! Think of you so often!

    I thought the same thing as Amber! I haven't seen your girls in so long it will be fun to see how they've changed!

  4. Angela, Lilah wasnt even 2 when the babies were born. lol...

  5. I LOVE the colors you put her in! and those pants are great! I may have to take up knitting so I can have my baby in those.
    Happy Birthday!