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Thursday, February 24, 2011

A New Low.

Even for me. Almost ONE MONTH of no posts! ONE MONTH. I'm actually really disappointed in myself. I love writing and I just haven't gotten around to it. Pathetic, I know. My only 'real' excuse? My laptop was broken and the only down time I get is when the babies are nursing. So I blog and nurse. With the laptop broken, I got no blogging done. So, there. That is my only excuse.

Now. What's up? Let me sum it up, as best I can, in a big run-down.

Aaron is working, He loves his job. And although, the economy seems to have finally hit his business, we are still just making it. So we are O.k. I am working. At home. And boy is having 3 triplets that now RUN, is WORK. Yeah, I didn't even blog about their first steps. I wonder why? Was I just too busy to get around to posting it or deep down, was I just insanely fearful that if I even WROTE about it, it would be true and then it really would happen. Well, turns out, it didn't matter. They still did it. They now walk, run and jump. Ok, so they don't JUMP but they do like to do little bunny hops. So, what that all means is that Mama doesn't sit down either. At least I seem to be finally getting down to pre-triplet baby weight.

*Madeline. Working part time at Ikea. Going to school full time to get her business degree. And she has a boyfriend. Has for while now. And he is a great guy! *Joseph. Soccer. And school. Running Start through the college while getting his high school credits AND college credits. Great program. Joseph has a girlfriend. A super sweet girl. I love having her around. *Noah. 2 words. Basket.Ball. Obsessed. Literally. Watches, plays, attends. You name it. His favorite team is the Celtics. Pretty sure we had a Celtics themed Christmas this year. *Juliette. Basketball too. *le sigh* It seems the soccer is slowly running out of their blood. Juliette also went back to public school. I know that homeschooling does not lack in socializing but man, that girl was DYING to get back to Miss Chatty with her friends. So she's back at public school. *Annabel. Hm. Annabel is very busy showing us that she too, has a wild side. Aaron says it nice to see her sticking up for herself finally. I remind him that sticking up for yourself means acting AFTER someone did something to you. Not before. Oh yeah, right? *Delilah. Sweet sweet Delilah. 3 and as sweet as ever. Happy. Curious and her best friend is Annabel. I love watching their bond. *Rosalie. Rosalie. Yep. Rosalie. Her smile makes me laugh and her laugh makes me giggle. She is b.u.s.y. She climbs. She explores EVERYTHING and her most favorite activity is dipping plastic toy spoons into the dogs water dish and licking them. Yummmm-mmy. *Gwendolen. This baby has more facial expressions that I've ever seen. I predict she will be very artistic with how in tune she is to the world around her. *Emilia. Lovely Emilia. An old soul. Crazy vocal and yet quietly observant. So eager to please and the first to laugh hysterically at something only the 3 of them understand.

That's it up to today. My life in a nutshell. Oh, and don't forget 2 dogs a ferret and a cat. They are all good. Bella, going on 11 years old now is slow to get up and slow to walk. Our little tootsie roll, she's just hanging in there. Milo. Our amazing Mastiff. My new love. My 'baby boy'. Lily, my 14 year old Persian. Her favorite new game is taunting Milo. Imagine it, a 100# mastiff getting his ass kicked by a 6# Persian. Yep. It happens daily in my house. It's great entertainment for the tots. Alice. The ferret. Still sweet and still hysterical, Seems she can kick Milo's ass too. Never seen him jump back so far in his life.

What's coming up? Van hunting, Spring Break annual vacation, and Annie's birthday and I'm sure a TON of things in between.

As for me, I'm going to try to get back into blogging more. I need to focus on clearing a spot in my brain dedicated to just this. Pretty sure I was less stressed when I was writing. Then again, the triplets weren't walking a month ago :/.



  1. yea! a new post!! I've been checking every day. I don't think you really need an excuse, you are one busy mama! Thanks so much for the update. I love hearing about your busy busy family and envy the noise and love and laughter that much ring through your house.

    I love how you have such a personal relationship with each one of your babies. big and small.

    Good luck with the running triplets!

  2. Love your blog! I have a Juliette too, she's almost 16 months old (& still nursing, yay!) and she's just like your Gwendolen with all the facial expressions. I love it! Your family is beautiful!

  3. A friend linked me to your blog, I am in love! I love your photos, they are so beautiful and I love your writing style.
    Triplets, OMG I can't imagine. I have 4 kids age 4 and under and the 3 girls are 10 and then 12 months apart respectively so I sometimes joke that I have "Irish triplets" lol but I couldn't imagine the real thing!

  4. Oh and congrats on nursing triplets!! Major accomplishment!!!!