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Monday, June 18, 2012

The Most Fun In A Long Time...

And by that I so do not mean to minimize all of the fun things that have happened also, but this was different. This was carefree, and fun, and important all in one. I really haven't felt that relaxed and truly happy in just a moment such as I did this day.

 The Portland Pride Parade 2012. It was so much fun and the girls had a blast! 

Yay for my Family. Yay for Us. Yay for new, beautiful and amazing friends. And Yay for me. Okay, so yeah, still stressed out at some point at least twice in each day about random and numerous different things but finally feeling peaceful.

Life Is Perfect.

Motorcycles are LOUD. All Gwen, Rosie, Mia, Lilah & Juliette (clockwise)

 We were sitting about 20 feet away from them. 

Nikes float. It was really cool. And they had even cooler teeshirts! Juliette is on the hunt for them now. 

Way cool. 

 Evie loves Annie

  New friends <3 Evie and her Mama Renae

LOVED these outfits!

This guys was really cool too <3

Gwena and Evie dancing. 

 <3 Pure awesomeness <3

All 6 little girls. Girls, girls, girls. 

Evie and her Mommy, April <3

Really cool dragon float. The girls loved it. Evie was scaaaarrreedd. ;)

I loved this balloon rainbow. Its so pretty <3

 Rosalie with our gigantic balloon. Nikes new little ad campaign :)

This is a real belly laugh folks. We had a BLAST. Mia and Evie

A semi-group shot. Evie, April, Rosalie, Mia, Aaron and Juliette (counter-clockwise)

And of course, stilllllll babywearing. :) Rosalie and Juliette <3

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  1. Gay Pride Parades rock....you should come check out Sydney's parade if you want full GLBT bling!!!