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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Years Eve....Crafts Anyone?

So yes, we are partying it up. Mady is headed over to a
friends house ( yes, Grammy, she will be off the roads by 9pm) Joseph is at a sleepover, so that leaves us with just 4 kiddos tonight.

Aaron is busy making pizza for the kids for dinner, Noah is starting a Smallville Marathon (2 epsiodes down, only SIX more seasons to go!) and Juliette and I finished up some crafts pulled from the awesome book Aunt Elia bought her for Christmas.

VOILA....Tissue Paper Flowers. Arent they pretty?

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  1. Very pretty is right!! Looks like you had a great New Year!* Would love to know where she got the book? And looking forward to more crafts!