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Friday, January 2, 2009

Its Official...

Annabel is potty learned. And yes, we try to say learned. Let me tell you why. If you think about it, most people say "potty trained". Well, in my opinion, training is something you do with a puppy. Am I right? Our children are not animals (ok, sometimes we say they are but they really arent) So, with our kids, we teach them things, thus they learn those things, so its logical to me to say "potty learned" as opposed to potty training.

We are going to the store today to get some "big girl panties". Im hoping we can finally get dressed.

On another note, Lilah isnt totally walking yet. Shes still trying. Stands by herself. Takes a few steps but nothing too drastic. Thank goodness. Imagine your 2 youngest children meeting major milestones on the same day? Potty learning AND walking? Too much for me to take in on one day.

Oh, and the obligatory "Frankensteins First Steps" picture. (I say that only because that is what it looks like, nothing to do with her independent developing personality)

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