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Monday, January 19, 2009

Madeline Elizabeth

Madeline. Mady. Mady Elizabeth. She goes by all those. You may notice that her name is spelled different than usual. That is because we decided that I obviously didn't know what I was thinking when I spelled her name Madalyn on her birth certificate. I mean, WHY do people feel the need to get kre8tive with spelling a childs name? It just causes confusion. Seriously, what child wants to go through life constantly telling people, "No, its not "eline" , its "alyn". My mom was being kre8tive. (Insert eye rolling here) I personally chalk it up to being a 19 year old mom and having fun with some spellings. But, now that I am older and wiser and Ive educated my daughter about proper baby naming, we've decided to change it to Madeline. So, its Madeline. Soon it will be legally.

Anyway. On to Madeline. Shes 16, almost 17. YIKES! Do you know what that means?? That means that she is the same age that I was when Aaron and I went on our first date! OMG. And I mean O.M.G. It just does not seem possible that our tiny 6 pound baby girl is almost an adult. Not just almost an adult, but capable of soon meeting the man she may marry. It could happen, but I doubt it. Shes pretty set on college and beauty school. Shes going to be a fabulous beautician. Shes already artistic and you should see how this girl can do a hair color already!

And speaking of being almost an adult. What a fabulous kid she is. What a great adult she will soon be. Funny, kind and I honestly don't think we could have asked for a better teenager. Man, I remember when I was her age. Well, lets just say shes WAY better behaved than I was.

Right Mom? ;)

She is driving, has been for awhile. She has the cutest little car. Its a 1981 Honda Civic Hatchback. Teal. Her favorite color. She thinks she looks cute in it. I agree. ;)

Her obsession is photography. And she is GOOD. I'm not just saying that. Shes really good. One of these days I will post some of her work. But for now, this is a typical Mady pose. She loves being behind the camera. I just love this picture.

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