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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Joseph Alexander

Joseph is 14 already. Wow. Where does the time go? He's such a great teenager. We are very lucky. He's smart, funny, kind and caring. The best big brother. He's still playing competitive soccer. He is in Sate Cup right now. He's playing with a BU-16 team. He kind of just picked it up after playing the season with his team, and his team decided not to do State Cup. He's still #22, in remembrance of his coach and mentor, Stew, that passed away last year after heart surgery. It's taking Joseph awhile to get back into soccer with the gusto that he once had. Losing Stew was really hard on him. He's slowly getting back into it though. I'm glad, its what Stew would have wanted. Hes going to try out for Prairies team this year. That will be alot of fun for him.

He keeps talking about what kind of car he wants when he gets his drivers license. License? Whoa, slow down! These kids are killing me with their growing up stuff. Now I know what my Mom was talking about when she said that us growing up made her feel old.
Sorry about that Mom. ;)

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