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Friday, January 30, 2009

Selling A House...

Is alot of work. I am very grateful that we've had 8 (yes EIGHT!) showings in the past 2 weeks but its so exhausting to keep the house clean all the time. I mean, my house is generally clean but to get it to inspection point in a mere hour with 6 kids and 3 animals running around is near impossible. Not to mention getting those 6 kids and 3 animals out the door and into the car within that hour too.

Oh, and as it turns out, our really stupid cat Willow isn't so stupid. She totally knows when we have to load her up into the car. She has become amazingly good at disappearing as we are on the last seconds of needing to leave. Then, when we do finally find her, she transforms into Houdini as she somehow manages to escape out of the car as we are loading. That is, if we can actually make it to the car on the first try without her jumping away. But she hasn't gotten to smart for us yet. She escapes from whoever is the lucky one to be carrying her then manages to make it to the front door while she waits for us to open it. Wow. Now THAT is an intelligent cat.

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