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Thursday, January 22, 2009


I'm going to sound a bit like an "old -timer" but Seriously? What is wrong with some kids these days?

Madeline and Joseph have finals this week. Finals are a big deal. The kids study hard.

Today, during finals some kid pulled the smoke alarm. Nice. The whole school has to stand outside, in 30 degree weather I might add, while the fire department comes to make sure all is ok. Everything is fine, kids get back to classes. ONE HOUR LATER, some kid (same kid?) pulls the fire alarm AGAIN!

Really? Are you kidding me? I can maybe see it once, kids will be kids ya know? but TWICE? In the SAME hour? WHY?! I figure its because she/he A. Likes to stand outside in the freezing cold all day or B. Didn't study. I tend to believe B. Maybe he/she thought it would get them out of finals? Um. Nope. The school staff isn't stupid. They just cut the free time and add minutes onto that days classes.

Honestly, is it the kids these days or the parents that just aren't raising them right?

Homeschooling is so tempting.

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