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Saturday, March 7, 2009

Flaky Much?

Wow, yeah that's me. Flaky. Blogging is a big commitment. More than I realized. So I apologize for not keeping my daily blog promise. I guess our lives aren't quite as exciting as I thought. I mean, I thought I could blog daily, but its not all that interesting around here. And, I have a hard time writing a blog without pictures. Pictures make is so much more interesting.

We are all better, finally. I think. I probably shouldn't say that out loud since Delilahs cough wasn't sounding super pretty this morning. But her snotty nose went finally went away so maybe we are home free. Maybe. But Ill shush about that now, so we don't jinx ourselves. I suppose I could've taken a pic of Annie sick. It was sad and pathetic. Boy can you tell when that kid isn't feeling well.

Joey has been working his tail off at soccer lately. He tried out for Prairies team and he made it! We don't know JV or Varsity yet, probably JV as the kid barely tops the scale at 100#. Hard to play with 150# 17 year old MEN when your so tiny. That's fine by me, he can work up to it.

Noah and Juliette are finally done playing basketball. The season seems so long. Probably because its only 1 game a week. Now they both start soccer again.

Lilah is developing quite the personality. We are still debating whether its a favorable one or not. Happy happy girl, but so very opinionated, already at a mere 13.5 months! lol. She reminds us ALOT of Joey at this age. While I can look forward to the thought that she will be an awesome 14 year old, we still have to make it through the first 5 years. (We earned the awesome 14 year old, as the first 5 years were a major test of our parenting.) Lucky us, God thought we did SUCH a good job with Joey, I think he decided we needed another one just like him!

Annie is almost 3. THREE YEARS OLD. She is growing up way too fast. She's so sweet and kind. Pleasant and GOOD. Reminds us so much of Noah. Always.

Mady is still trucking along on all her college stuff. College. When did I get old enough to have a kid getting ready for college? Ah, that would be next month when I am officially more than halfway to 40. Ugh.

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