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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A New Hobby...

So I'm learning to knit. I've wanted to forever and I finally had an amazing opportunity to have a wonderful friend teach me. My friend Monica has been working with Miranda and I for about 2 months off and on now. And can I just say, THIS IS HARD! Hard to learn, but once you do it a few times, you wonder what was so difficult about it. I'm so excited that I'm learning. Its one of those things that you wish you would've let the Grandmas of your life teach you when they wanted to but you just didn't have the desire. I wonder if its something that comes after you realize that the skill is disappearing with your beloved loved ones and you suddenly have the urge to learn? Well, regardless of WHY the desire to learn is so severe (maybe it has just a little to do with that wool addiction I talked about previously? ;) the desire is there, and boy oh boy am I determined! My fingers have never hurt so bad. And I was literally praying for a new layer of skin a few days ago. I also think I have a permanent dent in my pointer finger from the needle poking. Monica says not to worry as callouses will form soon. Oh goody! Calloused fingers. Now that is sexy!

So anyway, here's how far I've gotten on my project, which is going to be a pair of really cool board shorts for Lil' Miss Lilah when they are done. I love the colors. I think they look like Popsicle's. ;)

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