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Monday, April 13, 2009

Family Pictures...

On Saturday, we had the most amazing photo session with Rebecca Davis. Her business is www.catchlightsnw.com. AWESOME photographer! Just amazing.

We havent done family pictures in 12 years. TWELVE YEARS. That means that Joey was like 2 in the last set! Aaron hates them. I had to beg him for these and let me tell you, it was SO worth it! I am thrilled with how they turned out. I dont have them all back yet, so I shouldnt say thrilled yet, but you can go to Rebeccas blog (link to your left) to see the 5 that she posted. I love them all (except for the last one, I just look weird) but I really love this one....

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  1. I love this picture, and the rest of them too!! Great work!!