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Friday, April 3, 2009


Home. Its is so nice to go on vacation, but it is even nicer to have such an amazing home to return to. I feel so grateful to have this home with such an amazing family. We are truly blessed.

Vacation was awesome. The house that we rented was great. The kids love it when we get a ranch style house, I think its because its different than what we live in now. Annabel got to sleep like a big girl with Madeline and Juliette. She loved that, although she still ended up in our bed halfway through the night. ;)

On Tuesday, Aaron and all the older kids went on a really really long bike ride around Sunriver. They figure that they biked around 8 miles! They were very hungry when they got home. lol.

Aaron, Joseph, Noah and Juliette went boarding at Bachelor on Wednesday. They had alot of fun. The weather was nice and of course, what more could you ask for? SNOW! Madeline, Annabel, Delilah and I just stayed around the house and took a walk to the park. It was really cold that morning (37') so we didn't stay long, but long enough to get the girls some fresh air.

All in all, the vacation was great, as usual. This was our 3rd year renting a house and just hanging out and relaxing. We intend to make this become a family tradition. The kids seem to love it and its so nice to get away, even if only for 4 days.


  1. Hi, I was browsing the topic of babywearing and came across your blog. I just decided to do this myself when our baby is born in June/July. I am not getting a lot of support from friends around me but would love to hear any advice you might have to offer!

  2. Awesome! BWing is great! My best advice is to go to www.thebabywearer.com and register. You will get SO much info there! Its the best site ever! BWing is the best thing you could ever do for you and your baby. I advocate so strongly for it. Yay you! Try really hard not to listen to negative comments, you will get them. Alot. Just know that it is wonderful for your baby!