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Saturday, November 20, 2010

365 Days Of Triplets

I put together a slideshow instead of separate pictures. They are pretty much in age order. For the most part :) I haven't watched the whole thing yet. I keep crying :/

Rosalie Charlotte, Gwendolen Lucy & Emilia Jane
♥ Happy First Year Beautiful Girls ♥

1st Bday - slideshow dvd


  1. Your girls look amazing! I can hardly believe you managed to cloth diaper and nurse all three. You are one dedicated momma. :)

  2. So cute. Thank you for sharing so much beauty & love with us.

  3. :) so many precious pictures!

  4. Your girls are beautiful, Nicole, I have truly, truly loved being able to watch them grow through their first year. Thank you for sharing your pictures and words. <3

  5. There were many times during my triplet pregnancy I would read your blog and be amazed at you and your family. All of your love for your family pours out through your words and the health and beauty of your kids. thanks for sharing!

    Beth Villa