"How Can You Have Too Many Children? That's Like Saying You Have Too Many Flowers" ~ Mother Teresa

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Friday, November 19, 2010


'hapy Birth Day to you....
happy Birth Day to you.....
happy Birth Day my dear Rosalie, Gwendolen & Emilia....
happy Birth Day to youuuuuuuu......'

365 days ago, our beautiful baby girls were welcomed earthside.

365 days ago, I became the mama to 9.

365 days ago, our love grew even stronger.

365 days ago, I felt my heart grow even larger.

365 days ago, our lives changed forever.

365 days ago, I finally felt whole.

365 days ago, we held 3 amazing miracles.

365 days ago, I smiled from my soul.

365 days ago, our hearts and souls formed a circle of 11.

365 days ago, I was happier than ever before.

365 days ago, our lives became complete.

I honestly never thought I would marry that 16 year old boy that called me on Halloween night and asked me out on a date. And I surely never dreamed I would carry 9 of his children earthside and 4 in my heart.

But wishes DO come true. I always wanted to be a mother. Always. That was the only life that felt right to me. For as long as I can remember.

I also always dreamed of having twins. I guess the longer you've wished for something, it multiplies. Thrice. I have my forever wish of twins plus a bonus of 1 more.

The Triskelon tattoo that I have, 13 tiny Triskelon running in a chain along my arm and one in the middle of my back may (or not) have something to do with it. In fact, I have no doubt it does.


The three protrusions (legs, angles, branches, etc) are of significant symbolic importance. However, depending upon the era, region, culture, mythological history, etc...symbologists can have a challenging time defining the exact symbolic meaning of the three protrusions. The various representations of the three protrusions found in the triskelion include:

Spirit, Mind, Body
Father, Son, Holy Ghost
Mother, Father, Child
Past, Present, Future
Power, Intellect, Love
Creator, Destroyer, Sustainer
Creation, Preservation, Destruction

The Power of 3.

I just may have sealed our lives with some ink trailing my arm.

Happy Birth Day my beautiful baby girls.

Happy Birthing Day to me.

Happy Blessings to us all.

I'll post some then and now pictures within the next few days. :)


  1. love this post so beautiful Happy birthday little ones and what a proud moment for you Nicole

  2. Happy Birthday to all of you! Congratulations on a year. Beautiful post, I have been reflecting on much of the same sentiments lately but never seem to be able to express it in words the way you can. Happy birthday to your whole beautiful family, I hope y'all celebrated in style :)

  3. Your triplets share their birthday with me. That's pretty cool!

  4. make a momma cry! Whew! Proud of you my friend...So happy to be your friend and stand by you with anything and everything life throws our way. I look forward to many years of fun with you and ohh yeah...our kids!