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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Making Myself Proud.......

Besides the obvious answer of my husband, kids and my life, is two other things. Personal achievements.

My Dreadlocks and my beginning of my Tattoo Piece.

For about 6 years now, I've been talking of getting a new tattoo. I do have a few already but just smaller, simple things. I call them 'stamps' more than tattoos. This time I wanted to start a piece. A story, on my body. Not just a 'stamp' but an actual telling of things I love and of what I am passionate about at this point in my life. So, when Aaron started talking about it more seriously, I was so freakin' excited!!

So, this year, for Mothers' Day, I got a card and money to start my tattoo! Have I said what an amazing husband and kids I have lately? AMAZING.

I love that I can display my inner thoughts and passions permanently on my body so that I will forever remember this time in my life symbolically. And to show my kids another style of Art. To show them that self-expression, even in public form is a beautiful, beautiful thing.

( the 3 down my spine and the one on my lower back are all existing inks. The total time involved thus far is about 7.5 hours. The artist thinks it will be another 8-10 hours until it's complete).

On June 21st, 2010, (Summer Solstice), (If you remember, a post here tells how I initially started it until I realized my mistake and started over going all natural/neglect) I started my dreadlock journey. And it really is a journey of a lifestyle, a being. It's nothing to do with 'looks', although, I think that dreadlocks are the most beautiful pieces of human art ever. I started mostly as a test to my not-so-patient self. To learn to relax, breathe, to let go, and stay calm. I am pretty manic about certain things. A clean house, organization, and clean children. I have also been known to obsess about my hair. I am never satisfied with what it looks like. Ever. I am always trying something new.

Dreadlocks took away a lot of my 'power' about everything. And to learn that sometimes you just have to go with it. Stop fighting so hard. And it doesn't matter what you look like, it truly IS what's inside that counts. Always. And I can feel myself calmer each day. It's helped me to be more in tune to myself, and others feelings and emotions, when more positive energy is spent on what really matters in this moment. Our loved ones. Our world. And our life. It's about being true to ourselves and being happy and content with our lives and loves.

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