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Friday, March 9, 2012

A Heavy Heart & Signs Of Hope

A few posts ago, I mentioned an unusual amount of teen suicides in our small town. 2 night ago, there was another. This is now 7 in 7 months. This time it was a 14 year old girl named Eden. She was bullied so badly that she took her own life. SHE WAS 14. Fourteen. Still just a baby with her whole life ahead of her. My heart is breaking. Being a teenager is HARD. Try to think back and remember.

Korie Nicole is an amazing photographer trying to make a change. She has started a campaign. Her and a few other local photographers. Amazing work!


If you are local to me, check it out. Go. Be there. SUPPORT OUR KIDS.

Remember this song?

(RIP Whitney, you will always be amazing to me)

Listen closely. It all starts at home. Teach your children empathy, compassion & RESPECT FOR OTHERS ALWAYS.

LOVE EACH OTHER. It's NOT that hard!!

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