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Monday, February 9, 2009

Holy Orange Hair Batman!

Good thing orange is my favorite color huh? And a very good thing its not October. LOL. This picture is from Sunday so its still much more orange in this picture than it is today. Please excuse the half hearted attempt at a decent picture. Madeline wasn't home to help. I sure do not know how the kids take good self portraits. Everytime I try, my nose looks bigger than it already is!

As for my hair, I like it. I cant wait to see how it turns out in the next few days. This is fun. Like a science experiment on my head. ;)


  1. It looks great Nic!! I like it and the picture too! You are so funny!! what's the lil ones think?

  2. Thanks Laura. ;). The kids love it. Especially Juliette. Aaron likes it too. Its much darker today. Ill post more pics soon.

  3. laura was right it does look good it also makes your eyes look a realy killer blue & stand out.