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Sunday, February 8, 2009

A Whole New Me

Ok, well maybe not, but its a whole new haircolor. After ALOT of thinking, I decided to Henna my hair. Its getting pretty damaged and the grow out was not pretty. And, lets face it, I really do not have the time, the desire (nor the money) to go get my hair "done" all the time. Henna is completely chemical free, its inexpensive and its REALLY good for your hair. So good in fact that you can do Henna over Henna over Henna as many times as your heart desires with the only after affect being extremely healthy and shiny hair. But its red. RED RED with a tad of orange RED. I'm hoping that I can pull it off ok. Especially since Henna is about as permanent as a tattoo .Here's a teaser pic until I get a better one up. But remember, the one important thing about Henna is that it has to oxidize on your hair. So no final judgement calls for at least 4 days. Promise?

Oh, and if you forgot what (boring) color my hair was before, just look one post down to my Amazing Day post.

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