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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Update. Finally.

Whew. Life gets so dang busy. I swear, it sure doesn't feel like there are 24 hours in a day half the time. Feels like about 10.

So, update on everyone as promised. ;)

On Friday, Joey played his Semi-Final game for State cup. They did so awesome all year. All the way to the semi's. All the way through the entire game. Score was tied 1-1. All the way through TWO 10 minute overtimes. Then, the PK's (Penalty Kicks). I HATE that games are decided on PK's. Hate it. It turns a game of skill into a game of chance, and its all dependant on the goalie. So not fair. Joey's team lost in PK's. Noah went up to Seattle with Aaron to watch the game. They had some great Daddy/Son/Brother bonding time. Eating out and talking soccer and basketball all day. You know. Boy stuff. ;)

Juliette was very busy being a 9 year old party girl this weekend. She had parties on Saturday, Sunday and Monday. Not including 2 sleepovers. On Saturday morning, she went roller skating for a birthday party. Saturday afternoon, Cassidy's birthday. Saturday night, sleepover with Meghan. Sunday morning, birthday party for Carson. Sunday night , sleepover with Callista. And the Grand Finale was a birthday party for Kate at Red Robin followed by the movie Coraline. WHEW! That is a schedule that I couldn't even handle. Needless to say, Juliette went to bed very early Monday night and slept well.

Madeline is doing the usual. School, hanging out with friends and babysitting on Mondays. I did squeeze in a chance to take her and Joey shopping Sunday morning. They really needed some clothes so they were pretty happy about that. Madeline has been hanging out at her best friend Nicole's house alot on the weekends. I finally made it over to meet her mom since my daughter has decided to move in. I feel like I have visitation rights. I get the week, Nicole's family has her on weekends. But shes happy so I'm happy. She takes her tests for Clark tomorrow. She's wanting to do Running Start. So she will basically get credit for college and high school. It sounds like it will be great. We don't have to pay for the college classes yet she gets credits for it. Awesome huh?

I guess I don't need to do much updating on the little girls. I'm sure I will be back tomorrow with some pictures. ;)

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  1. PK's, they SUCK. I feel the same way. Andies last game of the season for varsity depended on PK's. I thought it was totally unfair. They won, but still, obviously both teams are very good if it stays tied like that.