"How Can You Have Too Many Children? That's Like Saying You Have Too Many Flowers" ~ Mother Teresa

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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Merry Christmas (A Day Late)

but I'm sure that is going to be pretty typical for awhile. Lateness. Something which I normally hate. But, such is life with 9 kids, 3 of them being newborn triplets.

Christmas was great. The kids let us sleep until 8:30am which is crazy. The kids were all thrilled with their gifts. I ask them every year which is their favorite gift. This year, Noah, our sweet child, said that the babies were his 3rd favorite gift. But first favorite was his Tony Hawk Ride for Wii. :) Madeline loved her canvas and paints. Juliette's favorite was her Ripstick. Joseph, his longboard. The little girls loved everything but the Zhu Zhu Pets seem to be a huge hit. My mom bought Annabel triplet dolls which she carries with her everywhere.

I'm in the process now of trying to convince my lovely husband that a bigger car is necessary. Not that I really want to drive around a "Jon & Kate Plus 8" vehicle, but when your 1 up on them, it's kind of a given. As it is now, we have to load the little girls then the babies. It's all good if we are going to just one place. But, if we need to take the little girls out for any reason, without taking out the babies, we have to climb in through the back window. Fun right? No, not really. Plus, we have to take 2 cars everywhere. That in itself isn't so bad, but it is a waste of gas, plus, family bonding time in the car isn't going to happen. So, if we end up with the "VAN" I'll be sure to post pics. As much as I don't want to be the soccer mom in the van, I think, at this point, I have to. Now, what will I do to counteract the soccer mom-van look? It seems I always want to do something drastic to my hair. So. Shave it to about an inch or two? Blue hair? Dreadlocks? Definitely something to think about. Especially since I've been wanting to loc my hair for like 2 years now. The van thing may be do-able. If I can rock the locs, I can rock a van. Right?


  1. I am rocking a van and like to think I can pull it off... but you are right! Drastic and funky hair would go nicely with it! Thinking of you and hoping feeding is going well. :)

  2. But Carrie, you have a regular va, I need the huge one. A 12 seater. UGH. lol. And the feeding is going much much better. Their term date was the magic date. :) I hope your boys are doing well also. :)

  3. Hi Nicole! I am soooo happy you all are doing so well! Look into a Desiel Sprinter Van -- they come in 10 and 14 seater. So great to have full head height, wonderful gas mileage (ours gets 30mpg) and they look super cool to boot. Very easy to drive is a real plus.

  4. I actually stopped a lady in a parking lot the other day as she was sporting a NEW Chevy Express 12 seater. I asked her if she loved it and she said very much. I then asked her how many kids she has and then she told me only 5! She loves the extra room for friends, family and gear. I checked out the storage in the rear and it wasn't bad. I told her I'm getting a license plate border that reads "My Dream Car is a 15 Passanger". We'll see what 2010 brings! :) Let us know what you decide on and Merry Christmas!