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Saturday, December 5, 2009

A Plea For All Who Will Be Visiting Us...

This is going to sound harsh, but it is for the sake of our babies health. The Dr. gave us some "rules" for visitors and if your reading this and you will be visiting, please don't take offense, but follow our rules. Our babies are preemies and are very susceptible to any kind of illness at this time, especially during this Flu, RSV and H1N1 season.

The girls will be home TODAY!! We are all so excited! And we can't wait for everyone to meet them, but the rules need to be followed very closely.

1) If you are sick at all, even a sniffle, please do not come to see us.
2) If you smoke, please bring a change of clothing before you come into our house, especially your shirt. The smoke particles from your clothing can get into our babies lungs and make them very very sick.
3) Please wash your hands good, the minute you come into our home. Wash long and well, as far up your arms as you can.
4) No school aged children are allowed to visit. No exceptions. School aged kids are the germiest humans alive. No joke. I would be happy to hold the babies up to a window if they want to see them, but they cannot come in. Not for a few months.
5) Please be respectful of the fact that they are preemies. Alot of stimulus can cause them stress. If you call or stop by and want to visit, we may say no. Please understand. It may mean we've had a rough day, that we have had too many visitors or that the babies are just too tired to visit.

I know that all sounds like alot of stuff, but this preemie thing is a whole new ballgame for us. We just want our babies to stay healthy.

Thank you


  1. Wishing you a joyful reunion! And those are our rules too!

  2. Congratulations to the whole family and I'm glad you will finally all be together!

  3. Wonderful homecoming news!! GREAT suggestions. Even more on our PreemieCare.org website. If ever I or MOST can be of ANY help please do not hesitate to give me a call or send an email- REALLY- don't hesitate. Congratulations!!
    Maureen Doolan Boyle
    Exec.Dir. MOST