"How Can You Have Too Many Children? That's Like Saying You Have Too Many Flowers" ~ Mother Teresa

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Monday, January 18, 2010

A 180

ok, so admittedly, I am a bit spaztic here. My apologies. I re-read my post. I read the comments. And I realized that you guys were right. This is MY BLOG. People are welcome to read it, comment on it and like it or not like it , that is their choice. But its MY choice to write it. And as one reader said " If there are people that cannot handle it, maybe they should take a break from reading it instead of you taking a break from being able to write it" . Well said! I use this blog for therapy almost. I need it to vent/deal/and cope with life. Plus, it's alot cheaper than traditional therapy! lol.

Thanks guys, for the wake-up call. My blog will resume it's regularly spaztic and sometimes whiny posts.


  1. Oh, am I glad you decided to continue blogging. I love reading your posts- I love the insights and the ups/downs. It helps me - a mom of just five out things in perspective and reminds me that I CAN do it (even if it is not with your grace and patience).
    You are AMAZING and your feelings are understandable.
    Liat (3tammuz on TBW)