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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Our First "Official" Outing

and we went to Target. They should feel honored. Aaron and I decided to try to get out. Although we were majorly outnumbered, we did it. Aaron, myself, Juliette, Annie, Lilah and the trio. he only slight issue was Lilah's meltdown about having to ride in the cart. The threat of sitting in the car with Daddy and a quick hug got her back on track. It also would have helped to have fed her lunch before we left. That childs blood sugar gets low and watch out! But no worries, we hit Taco Bell right after Target. ( The drive thru of course, we aren't that crazy!)

The best news of the day is that Aaron got a chance to see what it was really like to load/unload/reload the toddlers and the triplets into my now-too-small-car. After doing this, in the great Pacific NW sunshine, he agreed that we need a bigger car! ( Yes!! Goal for today was accomplished!) So, tax return season is here, and we are a-van huntin'. I wish I wasn't so dang excited to drive around a mini bus, but I am. It sure will make life easier. I will be so sad to see my car gone, I really love it, but we've outgrown it. Onto bigger and better things. Well, bigger for sure, and I hope better.

And while I'm posting, just so ya'll don't think I have so much time on my hands that I just sit and blog all day, I'm actually multi-tasking. Blogging and pumping, and even sometimes there is a baby or two on my lap. Now that is multi-tasking hardcore!

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