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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Doin' The Bumbo

So, I got the Bumbo's out yesterday, (yes, I know they are a recall, but in my opinion, unnecessarily. Just like the GOOD old school walkers. People need to learn that these items are not babysitters, babies still need supervision, don't recall them and make the rest of us suffer because your baby got injured, albeit accidentally, when you weren't looking. Ok, rant over)

The girls loved them. It was a whole new view of the world! Rosalie did the best at maintaining an upright position, but the other 2 worked really hard.


  1. We loved our Bumbo's with the twins. I didn't know there was a recall (the babies are two now so our Bumbo's have been CL'd). I really thought they were so helpful. Have you seen the watermelon bumbo pic on TBW? Hilarious! Also Youtube the ready set bumbo video. Also hilarious. But made me think that daddy had lots of time on his hands! I think he made 3 of them total. :)

  2. So cute! My girls did the same thing when I first put them in their bumbos... they loved them but fell over sideways. Now that they can finally sit up straight in them, they hate 'em. haha!

  3. Who would SERIOUSLY put their kid on top on a table in ANYTHING, let alone in a Bumbo? That recall is just for idiots.

  4. We have bumbos too, and I agree, the recall IS silly. Why would someone put their baby in a bumbo on a table and then walk away? I mean, HELLLLOOOO!!! The girls are adorable sitting there.

  5. Just wanted to say that I saw you via Kellymom on Facebook, and wanted to give you a big HIGH FIVE for feeding triplets. You are doing AMAZINGLY.

    My twins are seven months, and while we had to do EBM top-ups for the first couple of weeks, we got to the easy stage pretty fast.

  6. Also coming via Kellymom. I'm amazed by you! Way to go, keep the great work, I'm following your blog!