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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Sunriver Or Bust....

Every year we go to Sunriver for Spring Break. We rent a house and just hang out and reconnnect as a family. We limit the video games and computer time. No cell phones are allowed unless it's an incoming call. It's awesome. This year will be a bit trickier with the babies being so young, but it's our family.
I'm starting this blog post a day late, as I thought I would update at the beginning of the following day for the previous day. Make sense? So, this post will be all about yesterday. Yesterday we travelled.
Caravan'd is more like it. I drove the Sequoia with the trailer and Aaron drove the Jetta. (Hot Donna can suck it, long story, maybe I will blog it one day)
Juliette had a Dr. appointment before we left and Aaron had a ton of errands to do (bank, paycheck, buy lift tickets from Craigslist) so Aaron, Delilah and Juliette left before us. Oh yes, and Bella too. Bella finally got to ride shotgun. She was in doggy heaven, front seat with her head in Aaron's lap.
We left a bit later, so as to meet up with them around Sandy. In my car was Madeline, Noah, Annie and the triplets. (Joseph went up yetsterday with a friend)
The ride up actually went great. Made it all the way to Redmond before we had to make a potty stop. Annie had to go BAD. Really bad. But she made it. Thankfully. And we had to feed the trio. We stopped at the country's biggest Walmart. I kid you not. It was huge. Everyone who had to pee went in, then we decided to go ahead and get some food for the stay while we were there. Aaron and Lilah shopped while we waited in the car(s). I figured if we all went in, we would wind up on http://www.peopleofwalmart.com/. (Seriously, check it out. It's fuuuunnny stuff)
The house is beautiful. Small, 1300sf, but that's kind of the point. We use a rental company and we try a different house every year. So far, I like this one the best. It's updated and close to the park, which is a big plus for us.
So, typical of life within our family, we are not even all in the door and someone is hurt. Seems Madeline slipped going down the stairs and either tore or pulled the Extensor Digitorum Brevis in her foot. No, we didn't take her to the ER, I just Googled it and figured it out. Basically, when her foot slipped off the step, she over-extended her foot to compensate for the slip and either tore or pulled the tendon in the top of her foot. It's bruised and squishy. Gross.
The best news? SNOW SNOW SNOW! Joey took the little girls out to play and wear them out for bed. It worked.
Bedtime went smoothly. Babies all went down fairly nice with Princess Gwendolen sleeping through the night. Again. ( 8:30pm to 7:00am, this baby ROCKS) This was also our first attempt at co-sleeping with the Daddy. It went ok, I only caught Aaron's elbow from knocking into one of the babies heads once. I'm such a light sleeper that I can sense when Aaron even changes his breathing patterns, so no worries about the babies getting hurt, I'm on it.
All night long.

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