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Monday, April 5, 2010

Fairy Houses, Fairies and Sledding Fun!


A day late. Sorry. Day Five got a bit rushed, with packing, Easter, breakfast and travel. But while I'm on the subject, our last day was perfect. Aaron and I decided to make the kids a huge breakfast since we wouldn't be doing Easter dinner, we did Easter Breakfast. Eggs, cinnamon rolls, waffles, fruit, whipped cream, bacon and juice. The kids loved it. Then we had to pack and leave. But Annie declared all day how this was "The Best Easter Ever" so I think we did ok. :)

First off, The Fairy House and the Fairies. I think they look SO CUTE. Madeline, Annabel and Delilah did a great job.

So, now, for Day Four. Saturday was FUN. Aaron bought a little disk sled at the minit mart in Sunriver. Amazing how much fun 5 kids can have with a $10 sled. 5 kids from age 15 down to 2. Best $10 spent all weekend. Aaron and I watched, mostly, from the window. And laughed. Alot.

No pics of the boys. The little slope wasn't dangerous enough for them, so they went to the park to sled. I didn't get to follow for pics.

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