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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Too Important To NOT Post.....

Given the 'hype' over this illness and vaccine while I was pregnant with the triplets, I blogged about it here.
And now, I am thanking the Gods that I made the decision that I did.
Now, who's shocked at this news? Not I.
Just one more validation for my decision to NOT vaccinate my children. Or my family.
Once again, PLEASE do your research before you vaccinate. Please.


  1. Please do your research before you post stuff like this. Did you read more than the headline? Or question where the information comes from?

    It actually makes no sense. It never states clearly where it got the information from, or makes reference to the raw data in a way that is clear. It's full of faulty logic and faulty mathematics, and is completed biased.

    From what I can tell, the number of miscarriages "caused" by the vaccine is simply the number of self-reported miscarriages that occurred in women who had had the vaccine. Miscarriage happens. it's tragic and awful, but it happens. Just because a woman got the vaccine and then, at some point in her pregnancy, had a miscarriage, does not mean that the vaccine caused the miscarriage.

  2. I do read all articles before I post them. And, in my opinion, was written well.

    With numbers like that, I'm certainly not taking any risks with my unborn baby.

    You said it here 'From what I can tell, the number of miscarriages "caused" by the vaccine is simply the number of self-reported miscarriages that occurred in women who had had the vaccine.'

    Is that not enough for you when it comes to the safety and life of your baby?

  3. It would appear the findings were significant - meaning that the spike in miscarriage and still birth had a less than 5 percent chance of being caused by randomness (validity test). The media does not report things in the way a medical journal would accept, and often what is reported in the media is NOT accepted by peer reviewed journals because of validity.
    if this vaccine caused miscarriages and still births, there IS no real way to PROVE it empirically from gathering data from last year - so a medical journal will not accept it regardless. But there is no way to disprove it, either. women weren't randomly assigned - pregnant - to take this vaccine or not take it in a sufficient number and then their pregnancies monitored for the full 9 months to prove that it does not harm a fetus. The vaccine was developed and out there faster than that.
    So if there was a significant number of miscarriage and still births - and it would need to be above what could be expected as random and natural - would you assume the vaccine is safe because no one has actually proved it is harmful using true empirical research? When it comes to doing something irreversible to your body - why take the "innocent until proven guilty" approach?

  4. Kate, so well said. :) Thank you.

  5. Its just the flu. I would much rather puke a day or 2 than to lose my baby while pregnant and get that nasty shot. How on earth is it ok to say "go ahead getthe flu shot" when thatthing is full of poisons that can and will kill you or your baby?! But yet these same dr's tell us to not eat fish or certain salad dressings or meats because of the harmful things they do to babies while in utero. Simple..the dr's don't make $$ off the fish we eat or the dressings we put on our salads. They make the big bucks when they tell us to get shot up with poisons. Whatever happened to "FIRST DO NO HARM"??

  6. You said, "Is that not enough for you when it comes to the safety and life of your baby?"

    No, frankly, it's not. There's no information at all to suggest that the vaccine actually caused the miscarriages (or anything, for that matter). Just because two things happened side-by-side, does not mean there's a link.

    Put a different way, how many women who would, at some point in their pregnancy, have a miscarriage, also ate, say, Oreos while they were pregnant? My guess is a lot. Probably the vast majority of them ate some sort of pre-packaged cookie. Am I then to believe that Oreos cause miscarriages? Sounds a little ridiculous, right?

    Look, you should do whatever is right for your family, and you're free to write about it, of course, but to post something like this as gospel and "the truth" is dangerous and irresponsible, so you've got to be prepared for some comments going the other way. And please, when you read something, ask yourself, Where did this come from, What makes this person/site qualified to write it and What are the motives of the person that wrote it?

    Here's another article: http://www.sciencebasedmedicine.org/?p=2084

  7. I actually never posted it as gospel, just my opinion and I also never once said "the truth". I'ts a well written article with alot of validity, in my opinion. And again, that is what my blog consists of. My opinions. People are free to read them and take it as they will. I am fully prepared for comments going both ways, that's why I comment back :) People learn from th eopinions of both sides too. And my opinion is that vaccines cause ALOT of damage. This H1N1 is just the newest of many that are going to wreak havoc on our society. I've heard too many horror stories and seen too many pictures of a vaccine gone bad. My children will not be the ginuea pigs that our governement and drug companies want them to be. And I am not opposed to vaccines. I am opposed to the mass marketing of them and the mass hysteria that the pharma companies put out there. It's a business. Plain and simple. Nobody is looking out for the best interests of my child but me. Jill is right. What happened to 'First DO No Harm?' Now, it's 'First Make Some Money'.

    And to be honest with you, if people started having miscarriages because they ate Oreos, I wouldn't eat them anymore.

  8. Jill, I think you're a little confused about the relationship between doctors and pharmaceutical companies.

  9. Thanks for the headsup miss nicole and for those who wanna claim that the original source wasnt cited, in the first paragraph of the article that miss nicole speaks of, it states that it came from the national of organised women who in turn got it from http://www.progressiveconvergence.com/H1N1-RELATED%20miscarriages.htm so please read more carefully in the future.

  10. @ Amy

    I dont believe jill is emphasising that connection strongly enough.
    Havent you noticed all the advertisements for various drugs in hospitals and doctor's offices ?

    That and the fact that doctors are so quick to push those drugs ought scare the hell out of everyone.

  11. Reverend Boony, I did an internship in a psychiatrist's office so I'm familiar with it. There are actually strict regulations now (which I think are an excellent idea!) that severely limit what kinds of rewards/kickbacks pharmaceutical companies are allowed to give to doctors. I think the important thing is to find a doctor you trust, who does keep up on research and tries to do and recommend what's in the best interest of the patient. If my doctor recommends a particular drug, I ask why and do my own research as well before filling the prescription.