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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

It's All In The Numbers

It's overwhelming at times. When I have a rare 'down' moment, like now, to just sit and ponder 'stuff', numbers pop into my head. I think it's all the comments I get when out and about, the biggest one being "Oh.my.GAWD. How on earth do you do it" ? My answer is usually "What choice do I have"?

But then I start to think (uh-oh) and thinking usually gets me either A) satisfied or B)stressed. How DO I do it? I've no idea actually. I think I'm on auto-pilot most of the day. Which is why I forget alot of stuff.

As I was wrapping up the laundry this morning, the numbers started going through my head again. Laundry. An average of 24 loads per week. So, I decided to make a list of my 'numbers' for an entire week. We'll see if it leaves me satisfied or stressed.

Toilets scrubbed: 6
Sinks scrubbed: 7
Loads of laundry: 24
Diaper changes : 175 (!!!)
Dinners cooked : 4 (ok, so not one of my stronger points)
Breakfasts made: 35 (this is because the preschoolers are never hungry as early as the trio)
Diaper laundry: 7
Owies kissed: 25
Clothing changes for littles: 40 (again, the littles stay in PJ's most of the day unless we are headed out)
House vacuumed: 7
Floors mopped: 7
Windows washed: (at least the lower ones anyways) 5
Table wiped down: 21

Ok, so I started getting into the nitty gritty there at the end, but it makes me feel more accomplished. Kind of like my Facebook status for the day last week......

"I am not afraid to admit that I will add stuff to my "TO DO" list that I've already done just so that I have more to cross off, thus making myself feel more accomplished"

And it's true. Sometimes, my list will look like this:


Bathrooms 1 2 3
Vacuum downstairs
Vacuum upstairs
Go to Alberstons
Eat lunch
Pay bills
Make coffee

See? I put stuff that is a no-brainer, that I will do anyways, just to cross it off.

So, I guess all in all, I usually feel pretty satisfied.

Its all in the numbers.


  1. I rarely make lists, as it annoys me to not get everything done. I could make a list of what I have finished everyday, that might be a better way for me. LOL.

    My lists would include things like blow off housework and took the kids to the playground, or play in the garden, planning where to plant stuff this year.

  2. Hey :) I couldn't find you on Facebook, I had sent you a message a long time ago about my sister in law having twins.

    Anyways, I have something else I would like your opinion about, but I don't want to post it for everyone to see.

  3. ** about her nursing the twins, to be more specific lol.