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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Not My Style

A van. I just couldn't do it. I tried so.damn.hard. But I just cannot drive a 12 passenger van. Can't. Won't. Call it what you will, but it ain't happening. We did find one. We brought it home to check it over before we brought it to the mechanics to inspect it. And can I just say that when it failed the inspection, my heart sang just a little? I know, bad. This is how the 'not-gonna-ever-ever-drive-a-van conversation went between Aaron and I: (as we are driving to pick up the van from the shop)

Me: Soooo.

Aaron: Soooo....

Me: What now? Keep hunting?

Aaron: I dunno. What do you wanna do?

Me: I duuno. What do YOU wanna do?

Aaron: Welllll, I guess we keep looking.

Me: Ok, REALLY? Do we really have to? I mean, honestly. Did YOU like driving that thing? Cuz I didn't. I felt like I was going to puke when it was sitting in our driveway. Literally. Spending 10k on THAT was making me physically ill. I am SO HAPPY that it failed the inspection. *sigh* There. I said it. NOW what?

Aaron: Me too!! I hated driving it! I thought it was what YOU wanted.

Me: Not anymore. I want something that I love. A van? Not so much.

Aaron: Good. We'll figure out something else then.

I ♥ my husband.

So, what did we get? A 2000 Ford Excursion. (that we paid cash for, I might add. We are VERY proud of that since we are trying to get rid of all debt)

I know. Not the most 'green' vehicle, fuel wise, but. It works for us. Our only seats 8 right now, but we are adding a 4th row bench and a seat in the middle front ( making the front a bench seat,
just for the 'in a pinch' times. Our older 2 kids usually want to drive themselves everywhere anyways.

So, we won't all be able to ride together places, but oh well.

I'll post pics of our new car later. I love it. And it's red. I seem to have taken a fancy to red cars lately. Not sure why.


  1. Oh! I know the feeling! Only my husband really does want the van.

    We have a vehicle that barely fits our needs, but it works and I love driving it. Every time my husband mentions getting a Mercedes van, I have to fight back the urge to scream! Then I calmly inform him, that if I am going to drive something that big, it might as well be a limo-ed truck -- which I would prefer...

  2. I love my 15 passenger van. I can get the entire family in one vehicle, plus all the camping gear. Or, take out all 4 bench seats and bring home 12 ft long lumber or drywall for the never ending repairs on my money pit, er house... My chevy van is also red, victory red.

  3. I look forward to getting a "full size" van! We have a "made into 8 seats" minivan right now and it's so tight for our family of 8.

    So often we'd like to have someone else along with us but we can't because there isn't room...

    But I do understand how it isn't for everyone :)

    And kids grow fast - our oldest two will possibly be late teens before we can justify financially the buying of a full van, and then there wouldnt' be as much point...

    but I *WOULD* want one if I could get one :)

    Congrats on the cash buy!