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Monday, April 26, 2010

Newest Obsession.

Carseats. And carseat safety. I've gone totally maniacal. It all started with my quest to find the best convertible carseat for the triplets when they outgrow their buckets. I've always been a die hard Britax fan. Forever. Love Britax. But the newest safety tests had issues with the safety of the Britax Marathon in the forward facing position. Now, they didn't fail. Just raised some questions. Enough so that I decided to shop around a bit before buying Britax again.

I found perfection. Sunshine Kids Radian XTLS. In the "Flora" pattern. LOVE IT. LOVE. love love love.
It surpsasses ALL safety test and more. It is THE BEST seat you can buy as of today.

It's narrow enough at the base to fit 3 across in a vehicle. HUGE plus for us with 5 in carseats. And at the top, see those "wings" ? That's to protect their heads. On the Britax, it's kind of flimsy and doesn't stick out very far.
The BEST part about these seats? REAR-FACING FROM 5-45#. Yep, FORTY-FIVE POUNDS. And, useable to 80#. This is the only carseat we will ever have to buy!
The newest recommendations are that a child stay rear facing for as long as the weight/height on the seat allow, whichever comes first. Rear facing is vitally important. A child is so much safer rear facing in any type of accident.
So, we now have 5 brand spankin' new Sunshine Kids Radian Carseats. In Flora. Again, LOVE.
I also had 3 Certified Car-Seat Safety Technicians come out to the house Sunday to install them. Properly and in the best way for ease of use for us. We are still driving the Sequoia which only seats 8 so when 5 of those seats are utilized by carseats, we needed to be tenacious in the seating arrangement. It was so cool to have such knowledgable people to ensure my kids' safety!
Matter of fact, I'm thinking of taking the Carseat Tech classes sometime soon. Might as well share and feed the addiction!


  1. Love that pattern! Thanks for sharing - the RFing love needs to be shared :)

  2. Cute pattern! Did you have to pay for them to come install your seats?

  3. Amber, nope. It's free :) To keep our kids safe. Great huh?

  4. We love our Radians too. We just have the regular 80s though.

  5. We have the Radian XT in Mailbu and RIO!! Love LOVE LOVE them.... rear facing longer,,and LOVE how narrow they are! Makes tight squezze EASIER :)

  6. I just found a Recaro Vivo at Big lots for 1/2 price. It is a belt positioning booster with very deep side and head restraints. Perfect for my 5 yr old. Unfortunately, they only had one, so my 7 yr old is still in a less protective one. I'll have to look at these ones you mentioned.

  7. Love this post! I too believe in rear facing as long as possible. I love that you mention they can sit 3 across. We have a 16 month old and I'm preggy with triplets myself. So the car seat situation has been on my mind a lot lately.