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Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Not too long ago, I would NEVER had thought I would homeschool any of my kids. I was of the belief that if a person had to go to college to get a degree to teach, then I was no where near qualified to teach my kids.

My thoughts on this subject has changed. Alot.

Since they were born, I have been my childrens teacher. Think about how much a child learns from birth to age 5. ( I say age 5 because this is the age that society has deemed parents useless in the ability to teach their child anything else ie: the age a child can legally start public school) And they learned it all from me. And their Dad. And everything around them. We provided them with all the resources to learn. So why suddenly, do I become obsolete and my child incapable of learning from me? Because they are 5? Because it's just 'what you do'? Well, I thought that about circumcision and look how well that turned out.

I started thinking. Alot. I was tired of sending my child off to be under the supervision of other people. Some of which, I wouldn't let supervise my dog. We'll start with the bus driver. And it's not just 1. It's numerous drivers. Let's just say, not how I want my child to start her day. Every day.

We've had problems for years with the bus situation. I've come to the conclusion that kids on buses are OBNOXIOUS. Even the most well behaved child will become a whole 'nother kid on a bus ride. Juliette has put up with sexual harassment, teasing, hair pulling, pushing, derogatory language, sexual language, and physical abuse. ON A SCHOOL BUS. All that before she even gets to school. So, how is her day supposed to be productive? And before we start talking about just driving her to school, let's remember that those same kids will also be in the same school. Great. I could go off here on a rant about 'kids today' and sound like an 80 year old grandma, but I won't. I'll save the topic of the demise of the integrity of todays' kids for another post. It will be a long one, I'm sure. So, it's not just about the bus ride. It's about the influences that my children have to experience. Too young. Too soon.

And, to get me started on productivity. 35 kids. 1 teacher. 7 hours. So they get, what? About 2 hours of actual learning in on a given day? Maybe.

And before you start thinking of the 'social' aspect of school, don't we spend most of the day telling our kids "School isn't for visiting, it's for learning'. All of my kids are VERY social. Not going to school isn't going to make them hermits. In fact, given what I've seen from the kids they are around, it should make them much more productive members of society. The peer influences will be much more minimal. Instead of having to spend their days trying to defend themselves, they will be home. Safe. With me. Learning what they need to know. Instead of spending 7 hours at school, Juliette will be spending about 4 hours a day at home doing her schoolwork.

We are doing an online charter school this year. To kind of 'break' us into this whole homeschooling thing. It's called WAVA. Washington Virtual Academy. It's basically public school online at home. I've talked to alot of people who have done it and loved it. So we are giving it a shot. Juliette is excited. I'm excited. Annie and Lilah are thrilled as they are starting school this year too. (And, just to make a note, I did offer this to Noah and Joseph too but they wanted to stay where they are)

So, hopefully, all goes well. I'll post back again in a few weeks, after we've had a chance to get a feel for it all. But I think it's going to be great :)
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  1. Good for you and congratulations on making the leap to homeschool! I love your post, you expressed it much more clearly then I ever could. Good luck with the journey, I will keep all of you in my prayers!

  2. The problems with compulsory public schooling are myriad and it's great that you realize there is an alternative.

    As for the social issue, people forget that in the real world you don't just spend time with people close in age to you... you spend time with people of all ages and should learn how to interact with them as well as other kids. I think homeschooling leads a much better and more realistic social experience, but to each their own.

  3. Oh, I'm convinced and have been for a long time. Now it's how to get at least 2 of my older ones home. This year will be very telling. We'll see! I'm happy for you and Juliette. I started a homeschooling triplets blog to record our journey. Never say Never! That's my motto!

  4. Good for you, Nicole! I was home-schooled from 2nd through 12th grades (my brother stayed in public school until 8th grade and then asked to join us ;)) and I totally agree with Arual's point! Spending all day in a room full of people exactly the same age as you does not prepare you to socialize in the real world nearly as well as home-schooling (done well) does!
    By the way, my siblings and I all transitioned very well to college; all four of us graduated with honors from college and three of us also have master's degrees now. We were very well prepared!