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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Fabric. Fabric. I Love Fabric.

Probably more than I love yarn (did I just say that outloud?!). I can, I kid you not, sit on the computer and look at fabric sites for HOURS. I (pretend to) fill up my cart full of beautiful fabrics by the yard. I have all these visions of things I want to make. In my dream world of more time to sit and sew, more money to buy the fabric and of course, more sewing talent.

I have 2 machine. My Grandma gave me one before she died, its in a cabinet and is pretty fancy for the year (I think it's a 70's Singer). I also have a 1958 black metal Singer that I LOVE. It's nothing fancy. Goes forward and backward but it does it so smoothly. It's easy to use and it gets good results. I tried a Serger and it was WAY too technical for me. I don't have the time/patience to learn something new right now.

I've actually only ever made a few things. 3 years ago, I made fleece pajama pants for all my kids for Christmas. 2 years ago, when we went to Sunriver, I hauled my machine with me and I made a huge bunch of pants for Annabel and Cassidy (my niece). I've also sewn a baby clutch ball toy some baby shoes, skirts, peasant tops, and a bag/purse.

I am by no means, an expert seamstress. But, I do like the more instant gratification of sewing versus knitting. Knitting a pair of pants takes me days. Heck, weeks lately. Sewing a pair of pants takes me an hour. And that is for reversible ones. And lately, with my daily schedule, instant results are so satisfying.

That fabric above will soon be 6 pairs of reversible pants for the triplets!


  1. Are you going to post a pattern link? I'd love to make some pants for the boys!

  2. Here ya go :)