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Monday, February 15, 2010

Meet Donna....

Hot Donna, that is. She is my new van. Ok, well, new-to-me van. And I know your wondering about that name. If you watch That 70's Show, you will get it. If you don't, then just laugh and go with it. Hot Donna. I love her. I figure, if I gotta drive a huge big ol' f-uly van, it might as well have some character. Right? And I'm pretty sure that I'm rocking the van. I mean, brown and orange have always been my colors.
And who doesn't love tweed?

It goes for mile and miles back there. Seats 12. More than enough room for the fam!

My seat. :)

So, you love it right?


  1. I have one that is yellow and brown...has 15 seats!

  2. Its older. But I had a choice. Older and get to keep my Sequoia, or new and get rid of the Sequoia. I couldnt part with my Toyota. lol.

  3. I lufff it!!! A teensy bit jealous even...brown and orange are totally my colors also!

  4. Yeah! You got it! And with style! Is that carpeting on the ceiling? lol I just nominated you for the Beautiful Blogger Award. Pop on over to see what you need to do! Hope to chat soon!

  5. That's something to think about....An older one and keep my newer one too? hmmmmmmm! Great idea!

  6. I like the van, It is a noticeable color, very easy to find in a parking lot. That is the same reason I have a victory red 2006 chevy 15 passenger van. I can find it in our church parking lot, as everyone else has white, tan or grey ones. :)