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Saturday, February 6, 2010

I Believe..

in so many different things. One might call me random. Or eclectic. Or weird. Call it what you want, if you haven't ever seen it how do you know it doesn't exist? Is seeing really believing or can we just know in our minds and hearts that things are a truth? A reality? Whether on this earth, or another planet. Whether in this life or the next. Whether in our eyes or in our thoughts. I truly believe one thing:

{We are not human beings living in a spiritual world, we are spiritual beings living in a human world}

I believe in Fairies and Aliens. I believe in God, our Father, and Goddesses. I believe in Heaven and Mars. I believe in Hell and Outer Space. I believe in Gnomes and Werewolves. I believe in Bigfoot and The Lochness Monster. I believe in Ghosts and Reincarnation. I believe in Love and Life. I believe in Fate and Tragedy.

I believe.

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