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Saturday, October 10, 2009

A Meeting With The Neonatologist, A NICU Tour and Tiny Baby Chicken Legs

Yesterday we had a meeting with the Neonatologist, a tour of the NICU and a Dr.'s appointment. It was a busy day. The meeting went great. I loved the Neonatologist. She was very informative and very optimistic. Basically, if the babies were born now, any chances of any severe problems at birth, such as NEC, eye problems, RSD, and heart problems are all less than 10%, going down from there with each day that they are inside me. I am 28 weeks and 4 days now. Just a smidgen away from 29 weeks. The meeting lasted over an hour so you can imagine how much information we had to take in. Aaron and Amber were there so between the 3 of us, I think we can remember most of it.

The NICU tour was good. I'm so glad we went. I was surprised at how the NICU was set up. I have only ever seen a NICU in pictures on TV or on someones blog. Very hospital like and very sterile. Well, our hospital is very new, so it built the NICU the way a NICU should be. Each baby has her own room. The room is very much like a regular hospital room. A bed/couch for the parents and the NICU bed. Studies have been done that have shown that preemie babies do much better and get stronger faster if they don't have to hear all the noises from other babies isolettes and alarms. Of course, our babies will have 2 rooms, one with 2 beds in it and an adjoining room with bed in it. IF they need it. The hospital policy is that any baby born before the 35th week goes to the NICU for 24 hours for observation. They have a family room too. It has a full size sleep bed, a kitchen and a TV. Right now, because of the H1N1, the hospital has a new visitor policy. They kids are NOT happy about it. No one under the age of 18 is allowed in L&D or the NICU. At all. And we are pretty sure it won't change before the babies come, in fact, this outbreak may only get worse. As well as the under 18 rule, we are also allowed only 4 support people to see the babies in the NICU also. Designated support people. Which means, we turn in a list with those peoples names on it and for the duration of the babies' stay, that is who may go in and out to see the babies. They will have a wristband just like Aaron and I. And only those 4 people may visit the babies. Another thought, when we do decide who will be our support people, they are JUST THAT. There for support. We need people that not only want to see the babies and that love the babies, but also people that will be able to handle the isolettes, the alarms, the tubes and all the other medical stuff that the babies will be going through. We need people with strength that will be able to handle an emegency should Aaron or I not be there. Or, f we are, that can be there emotionally for the 5 of us. That 4 support people rule applies just to the NICU. If the babies go straight with me to L&D (no NICU), then just the under 18 rule applies. So, we will wait and see :) Again, very impressed with the tour. The NICU is clean, nice and comfortable. They do a good job of making a scary situation feel as cozy as possible.

The Dr. appointment. Good. Cervix is 3.8, and 3.9 under pressure. No funneling. Girls are good. Fluid is good. HB's are good. Just all around good. I saw Dr. C. this time. We both kinda agreed, with my history that giving up weekly cervical checks freaks us out. So they will continue. But just weekly, not twice weekly. And the fFN testing starts Friday. With the agreement that a positive will land my butt in the hospital. Pray for negative fFN's. Every time. Also, this once a week appointment last just a few weeks. Starting at around 31 weeks, I will get a twice weekly biophysical profile. This is where they check the babies for fluid, growth and anything else necessary, twice a week. Until birth. I did talk with the Dr. about admitting me at 36 weeks, if we are still going strong, and just watching the babies as long as they are doing well to keep them inside as long as possible, thus reducing the need for NICU time. He agreed! He did laugh and say it was fine but he thought I would be begging him to take them out at that point. Not a chance. I want my babies HOME!

This is the great pic we got today. Mia is lounging out across the top of my belly. Head on my left, feet dangling down on the right. And is she ever relaxed. See her little ankles crossed? This picture just cracks me up. It is a picture of just her little chicken legs. I love skinny baby legs. :)

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