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Friday, October 16, 2009

Some Negativity......

CAN be a good thing. Today's fFN was NEGATIVE!!!! YAY! Dr. appointment was fabulous. 3.4 cervical measurement and 3.2 under pressure. According to the US Tech, that's a great number for just a singleton! Yay for my cervix of steel! Babies all look good. Fluid measures about 4.5-5 which is GREAT. They only worry if it gets less than about 2.5 or more than 7. Heartrates are great.

We got another great picture of Emilia. Seems she is the only one that isn't camera shy. Isn't she just adorable? Look at those chunky cheeks! I love seeing the fatness on them. I think she is scowling in her sleep.


  1. YAY! You are doing a great job, and so is your body. :) Yes, she is darling!

    Oh, and we do have names but aren't sharing. ;) Cannot wait to share some baby toe pictures with everyone.

  2. I totally forgot that you dont share names and pics. I hesitate too but I just cant help it. lol. Id love to hear your names if you want to email me. Im a name nerd. lol.