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Friday, October 23, 2009

Some Stuff....

First off, Dr. app today. Very uneventful. Dr. had to rush out to an emergency C-Section so I didn't get to talk with him much. Which, is actually ok, since I spent most of Wednesday night in L&D. Again. So I got the full workup there, making today's appointment kind of unnecessary. In L&D they did a NST (Non-Stress Test) on all 3 girls. They basically hook me up to 3 heartrate monitors and 1 contraction monitor. The monitors watch their accelerations and decelerations for 20 minutes. If their HR go up when active and go down when resting they pass. All 3 girls passed with flying colors. Me, on the other hand, with the contraction monitor, not so much. I had an extremely irritable uterus that night. 3-4 contractions an hour. Hard ones. The ones you have to breathe through. Not fun. The good news, is that the contractions were doing absolutely nothing to my cervix. Nothing. No change. In fact, they measured it longer in L&D at 4.1! Again. I really think that my body needs to get the memo that contractions are really not a necessary part of this process this time around. They measured the girls on US, which is what they were supposed to do today, but since they did it Wednesday night, they didn't need to today. They got the girls weights. I think they are a bit off, the US tech was not as knowledgeable as the ones at my Dr. but they do show growth. Baby A: 2#14oz, Baby B: 3#2oz and Baby C:3#12oz (this is the one that I think is off. I think she's more around 3#4-6oz) I do start my biophysical profiles next weeks so we will get a better guess of weight then. We did get to see Baby C (Emilia) breathing! Alot! Not just the practice breaths here and there but actually breathing. It was so nice to see! Baby B and A were asleep and they don't typically practice breathing while sleeping, so we'll see if we can see it next week.

What I came home to after my Dr. appointment was the highlight of my day. I seriously have some of the best friends ever. Miranda and Amber were here cleaning my house. Cleaning cleaning. My whole upstairs is sparkling. Well, so the kids tell me, I haven't been up there yet. Beds stripped, garbages emptied, vacummed. I'm not sure what else, since I haven't been up there but I'm so excited to go up to see! Thank you so so so so much guys. You have no idea how much I appreciate it.

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