"How Can You Have Too Many Children? That's Like Saying You Have Too Many Flowers" ~ Mother Teresa

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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Random Thoughts/Feelings of Loves & Hates...

So, in other words, another whiny post buffered with some love. :)

Hates: (although I shouldn't say Hate since I don't like my kids to say it, Dislike is better, but Hate has so much more impact)
**that I lay on my couch all.day.long.
**that I can't sleep anymore.
**that my older kids have to do way more right now than they should.
**that I'm wishing this pregnancy to end. I love being pregnant. But I'm miserable.
** that I whine. All the time.
**that I worry about these babies. Constantly.
**that I worry about everything. Constantly.
** that I feel like a crappy mom, even though I know I'm not, I can't shake the feeling
**that I am still OCD about my house. Let it go already!
** that I have to rely on so many people for help. So not me!
**that I can't bathe my little girls or even tuck them in at night.
**that I can't go to parent/teacher conferences this week.
**that I have a hard time driving my car.
**that this list is actually this long, have I become so grouchy and negative lately?
**laying awake in the morning, watching the little girls sleep and feeling the babies move.
**being able to lay on the couch and just watch the girls play.
**being pregnant with 3 tiny baby girls. Life is forever a miracle to me.
**that I'm not getting any stretch marks. Yet.
**that all my kids are doing awesome in school thus far this year.
**that I am the luckiest mom in the world.
**that I have the best husband. Ever.
**my life. Simple.
**that I have some easy, wonderful teenagers. So lucky we are.
**that soon (37 more days) I will be holding my 3 baby girls and our family will be complete.
**that I have some amazing friends. Again, I am so blessed.
**that we have a hot tub. It's been my salvation in the evenings.
**that I have such a wonderfully supportive husband who is the best father my kids could have.
**that my house is serene and quiet in the evening, giving Aaron & I some much needed "us" time.
**frozen fruit and yogurt topped with wheat germ. My current addiction.
**that my kids are so excited for these babies. Even the boys, even though they didn't get a brother.
**that I've made it to almost 31 weeks without incident. *knock on wood*.
**that my cloth diaper stash is almost complete for the babies. I can't wait to CD them!
**that I learned how to knit.
** that my Loves list is not shorter than my Hates. Thank God.


  1. You sound so much like me! Keep pressing on, you're doing a fabulous job cooking babies! And I was going to mention to have the Dr. measure your fundal heighth for the fun of it. I forgot after 30 wks and was measuring 60wks pg or something crazy like that. It might be fun to see how big that gets! Hope to meet up with you this week.

  2. I keep forgetting to do that too. I measure around but my fundal measurement geting distorted. I'll do that Friday. :) What day works for you this week? My only "busy day" is Friday. Dr. And my older kids have early out Mon and Tues, so maybe Wed or Thursday?