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Sunday, June 21, 2009

12 Weeks 5 Days

That is how old the Dr.'s think the twins were when they died. Today, the triplets are 12 weeks and 5 days old. It's been a stressful day to get through. But I'm almost there. I just finished listening for their heartbeats on the doppler. I'm getting pretty good at it. I used to be happy if I could just find one. Now I'm not happy if I can't find all three. Today, (and last night) I found all three. Baby A is beating right along at 142bpm, Baby B at 160bpm and Baby C at 174 bpm. So, if that old wives tale holds true, it must mean that Baby A is a boy and Baby B and C are girls. Hm. There's a thought to ponder for the next 3 weeks. (I won't mention that ALL my babies heart rates have fluctuated from the 135's to the 180's all pregnancy long depending on their activity levels, gee, how weird is that? A fetus' heart rate going up when they are ACTIVE?? Just like a REAL baby? Hm. Another thought to ponder I suppose) Unless I have very anatomically advanced babies and they can tell Tuesday at my 13 weeks scan (doubtful, but ya never know! BUT when I went in last week for my "I'm-having-an-anxiety-attack,-please-check-on-my-babies-because-I-am-a control-freak-and-can't-check-on-them-myself-every-second"moment, I SWEAR I saw a penis. I KNOW I did. The nurse thought so too)

Next appointment is on Tuesday. Anyone want to start guessing? My gut is telling me 2 boys and a girl. My wishful thinking is saying 3 boys. In the back of my head I keep saying "I'm gonna hurt Aaron if it's all girls".

I'll take credit for the 3 babies in there, after all, 3 eggs releasing is my doing. But if it's ALL GIRLS. He's totally taking the heat for that one. All this said in jest of course. I will be thrilled with whatever we get blessed with. I'm just HOPING for at least ONE boy. It can't hurt to hope. Right?

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