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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A Day Late...

Sorry about that. But, as you can see by reading the post below, I've had alot on my mind. Anyway. The Dr appointment went great yesterday. Babies are perfect. I even have new pictures ;) The are in order...Baby A first, Baby B second, Baby C last. They organize (name) them that way on purpose. The baby closest to "get out" (closest to my cervical opening) is Baby A and then they go clockwise so when I talk about Baby A, B, C, they are always the same babies. Neat huh?

And the Dr was kinda able to get one of all three of them. You can only see the top of Baby A's head and Baby B is a profile shot but most of Baby C is visible. Its hard to get all 3 babies scrunched for a good shot.

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